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    When I am typing in a table cell, I can hit either “Enter” or “Shift + Enter” to create a line break. Both produce the same result: a ‘break’ tag is automatically inserted by the plugin.

    Since the lines themselves are not individually tagged, I decided to style the ‘break’ tag with CSS. In other words, in order to change the spacing between lines in one cell, I have tried attributes like margin-top, margin-bottom, padding, line-height, display, etc. and nothing works. In IE9 that is. It does seem to work in Firefox and other normal browsers.

    Please note: The site uses the WP default theme, but it has been much altered, so I can’t upgrade. Also, there is no DOCTYPE, so it displays by defaulting to HTML5. So my questions are:

    1. Is this a Theme problem, an IE problem, or a Plugin problem?
    2. If I added doctype 4.01 Transitional, would that correct the problem?
    3. In general, I can’t seem to find any way to apply styling to text in a cell without adding code. My client wants an easy-to-use wysiwyg tool with no obvious coding. I don’t want to start adding p or span tags.

    Please see

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    yes, line breaks in cells are transformed to <br> tags in the HTML source.

    I’m not actually sure though, if that can be styled with CSS, so I assume that it is an incompatibility with IE.

    Although you don’t really want it, <p> tags might be the best choice here, if you want to add margin/padding between the lines.

    Best wishes,

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