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    Hi there!

    I’m currently working on a WordPress site that uses multisite. The network is comprised of one main site and will have several “child” sites for users with limited priviledges. I have about 40 child sites to migrate (from the client’s old site, not WP based) and others will be added in time.

    I’m using WP-Table Reloaded on all of them and use a “template” site from which I export content, including a WP-Table Reloaded “dump” file I use to to import a set of tables and settings into each new site I create. Works well for initial creation but at this point I’m not bothering with the design, just the basic functionality and testing plugins and how everything will work for users. This means I’ll have to come back and “apply” the design later (all sites will be branded the same).

    My question: is there a relatively easy way to add custom styles that will apply to all child sites at once without modifying the core CSS files of the extension? With a 40+ sites network, I’d like to avoid having to go to each site’s WP-Table Reloaded settings to change them 🙂 If I have to modify the core CSS files I’ll do it (and back it up) but if I could avoid that it would be awesome!

    For the future, maybe the plugin could use a “custom-css” files like a lot of theme frameworks do and this file would not be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

    Thanks for any pointers anyone can provide! 🙂

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    what you could do (if I understand everything correctly), is to create a copy of the plugin’s CSS files (from the CSS subdirectory) and store it somewhere on your server, outside of the WP-Table Reloaded plugin directory. Then, you could just manually add the HTML tag to load that CSS file into all themes that you make available to your sites/users. And at the same time, you should deactivate the “Load Default CSS” setting on all sites.
    That way, you would only have one file to maintain, and all changes would be applied to all sites.

    Best wishes,

    Great idea! I can easily do that in Headway. After writing I realized I might have added the “override” styles in Headway’s own custom CSS file.

    In any case, awsome plugin!

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