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  • We use the heck out of this plugin and very much need it to work with 2.5. Has anyone gotten it fixed? As far as we can tell it’s only the activation process that doesn’t work correctly, the tables themselves show up fine if you don’t disable the plugin when upgrading.

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  • Can I just thank the folks who suggested deactivating cforms. Worked like a charm!

    I wonder why this isn’t being fixed in wp-table.

    This is what I get when I try to use the table plugin.

    My website

    What am I doing wrong. I just want a basic 2 column, table.

    Hi lisaschon,

    you need to replace ‘ID’ with the id-number of the table you want to show on the page.


    I don’t think WP-Table is ever going to upgrade. The development has been inactive since the beginning of 2008

    Thank you for the tip! I was going to use wp-tables in a new project and found that it didn’t work. And I had just uploaded cforms and wp-tables, and activated them in alpha order.

    How funny that it’s just a matter of activating them in reverse alpha order.

    I was a little panicky for a moment because I just love what wp-tables did for a previous project and I sold my client on this ability. Glad to see that I didn’t have to find some wild workaround!

    was wondering if anyone had this problem…

    The tables show on the front page, but when i look in the categories or the archives I cannot see the tables. Anyone?

    My tables show up on the right pages on my site but I can’t seem to figure out where to edit the tables with the current WordPress upgrade. “Manage > Tables” seems to be gone. Anyone know where it went?

    I wondered where the Manage > Tables setting was, too, since “Manage” is gone in 2.7.

    “Tables” is in the “Post” menu, as other plugin editors appear to be, too.

    @john25: I did email the author, Alex Boelinger, quite a little while ago and he said that unfortunately as NextGEN gallery was now taking up most of his time, he did not – at that stage – have the extra time to develop and maintain WP-Table.

    Thankfully it still works in WP 2.7, with just a little tweak. For those wanting to avoid possible further plugin clashes, it might be an idea to actually add on the extra buttonsnap check code. If the suggested code above isn’t clear, please feel free to look again here.

    Any body knows about how to play video (Plugin) in WP2.7 version???

Viewing 11 replies - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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