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    You have a chance to make the world a better place! πŸ™‚

    I made two changes to wp-syntaxhighlighter

    #1 sh-tinymce-button-box/tinymce.js inside insertSHTBBOXcode()

    Please add the \r to the replace regex so when someone pastes code from vs2010 it does not insert two lines for every line.

    var code = document.getElementById(‘shtb_box_code’).value.replace(/</g,'<‘).replace(/[\r]?\n/g,”);

    #2 syntaxhighlighter3/styles/shCoreDefault.css

    In IE9 anytime you copy and paste from the code block on a blog it removes all newlines! So when you paste into vs2010 or Dreamweaver it pastes all the code in 1 gigantic line of code.
    To fix this in IE9 I set the white-space on .line class to normal instead of pre.

    .syntaxhighlighter .line {
    white-space: normal !important;

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    xer21 san


    It would be helpful if you could tell Alex(the author of SyntaxHighlighter) about #2 also.

    Alex’s site:

    Plugin Author redcocker


    xer21 san

    Frankly, I can’t understand about #1 issue, becase I haven’t used Visual Studio.

    However, Let me know whether it works or not, when you repalce

    var code = document.getElementById('shtb_box_code').value.replace(/</g,'<').replace(/\n/g,'<br>');


    var code = document.getElementById('shtb_box_code').value.replace(/</g,'<');


    var code = document.getElementById('shtb_box_code').value.replace(/</g,'<').replace(/\r\n/g,'<br>');
    var code = code.replace(/\n|\r/g,'<br>');

    Sorry, I might misunderstood about #2 issue.

    If you set 3.0.38 as “Library version” on the senttig panel,
    To copy the code with correct line breaks to the clipboard, you must double-click on the code bolock and copy the code.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the reply. As for #1 when you copy from visual studio all new lines are defined with CRLF or in other words, \r\n is the newline identifier. So unfortunitely Alex’s code puts two lines for each 1 newline you paste in. In your code though you can prevent that by checking for [\r]?\n which means \r is optional and it will replace both \r\n and \n with

    Oops, the code that got posted from me removed the <br> so the proper code is
    var code = document.getElementById('shtb_box_code').value.replace(/</g,'<').replace(/[\r]?\n/g,'<br>');

    Sorry for the confusion on that.

    For #2 I’m still messing with that fix that I made because then word wrapping wasn’t working properly after I changed that. Basically what the problem is, I select the text hit ctrl-c to copy the text and when you paste it there is no \n or \r\n so all the text in the box is output as 1 big line.

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    I checked Alex’s site, and it appears someone provided a fix last month and he merged it with his code. However the build is not updated and I couldnt find the source. They said the fix was in the “shCore.js” file in function eachLine, the fix was to change

    return lines.join(‘\n’);
    return lines.join(‘\r\n’);

    but I’m not sure if that will work or not I have not tested it.

    Plugin Author redcocker


    xer21 san,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I finally reproduced #1 issue on Opera 11.

    This issue wasn’t caused by CRLF on the Visual Studio.
    My javascript code had more serious bug.

    When entering your code in the textarea, your browser replaces all line breaks.

    Opera 11 for Win32 replaces all line breaks with CRLF.
    IE9 for Win32 replaces all line breaks with LF.
    This behavior will vary by browser and version.

    But I didn’t know about this behavior.

    Now I fixed #1 issue and you can download Development Version.

    And thank you for the information about #2 issue.
    I will wait until the next release of SyntaxHighlighter.

    Plugin Author redcocker


    SyntaxHighlighter 1.5.8 released to fix #1 issue.

    Thread Starter xer21


    Thank you very much.

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