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  • Hi,

    This is a really useful plugin, but I’ve found a number of bugs that I thought I should let you know about for a future release. I’m using version 2.5.8 of the plugin.

    1. /pdf.php – needed to add a ‘require_once’ line to import /lib/Wpsqt/Tokens.php, otherwise I was getting a missing class error when generating the PDF.

    2. /pages/site/quiz/section.php – line 24 – removed extra spacing after ‘*‘ for required questions and before the next <?php declaration as it was causing an extra paragraph to be output when the question is displayed.

    /pages/site/quiz/section.php – lines 37 to 45 – remove extra lines and whitespace as extra paragraph tag was being output on display. Also needed to add an extra check to check for the image as the ‘if’ test was passing even when no image wass set:

    if ( isset($question['image']) && $question['image'] ) { /etc..

    3. /lib/Wpsqt/Mail.php – line 100 – added ‘if ( $emailList )’ around the foreach loop as caused error if no emails to send

    /lib/Wpsqt/Mail.php – line 47 – changed get_option(‘wpsqt_from_email’) to get_option(‘wpsqt_email_from’) as wrong option being retrieved

    /lib/Wpsqt/Mail.php – line 90 – changed to:
    $emailList[] = get_option('wpsqt_contact_email'); as the session variable ‘notification_email’ is not set correctly



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