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    I applied a few plug-in upgrades yesterday without thinking.

    After updating WP Survey v2.8.3 I got an email to say that test results weren’t working properly because I forgot to apply a number of necessary patches.

    The most significant, provided elsewhere, in Lib/Wpsqrt/Shortcode.php

    Around line 334


    // TODO Insert ability to set point per answer scores
    $incorrect += $questionData["points"];
    $answerMarked['mark'] = "incorrect";


    if ($questionData["type"] == 'Multiple' && $questionData["points"] > 1)
     $partial = floor(($questionData['points']*$subCorrect/$subNumOfCorrect)-$subIncorrect);
     $correct += $partial;
     $incorrect += ($questionData['points']-$partial);
     $answerMarked['mark'] = ($partial > 0)?'correct':'incorrect';
    } else {
     // Incorrect single answer question or multiple worth 1 point
     $incorrect += $questionData['points'];
     $answerMarked['mark'] = "incorrect";

    to correctly apply scoring to partially correct multiple answer questions.

    PLEASE could this be applied to the next version.

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  • I updated a few plug-ins including wp-survey-and-quiz-tool v2.10.2 with little thought.

    I have been contacted already to inform me that ‘it has stopped marking properly’.

    On investigation, it is the same suggested patch that has been repeatedly ignored for ages.

    It has now moved down to line 349 but the same deficiency is still there.

    Is there any chance that this can be included in the core? I haven’t checked yet whether the other suggest fixes have been applied.

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