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  • Another worthwhile addition, provided by Rob elsewhere, that would be great to implement in the next update is the below addition to lib/Wpsqrt/Shortcode.php around line 323 (to replace TODO comment.

    if ($questionData["type"] == 'Multiple' && $questionData["points"] > 1)
     $partial = floor(($questionData['points']*$subCorrect/$subNumOfCorrect)-$subIncorrect);
     $correct += $partial;
     $incorrect += ($questionData['points']-$partial);
     $answerMarked['mark'] = ($partial > 0)?'correct':'incorrect';
    } else {
     // Incorrect single answer question or multiple worth 1 point
     $incorrect += $questionData['points'];
     $answerMarked['mark'] = "incorrect";

    Scoring is well thought out and allows multi-answer questions to have proportionate points awarded for partially correct answers.

    I have had to re-apply this for the past few updates.

    + + +

    Another minor update I have to apply is to globally change the colour #00FF00 to #00AA00 to tone down the glaring green that looks terrible (eg. reviews). Ideally, it should refer to ccs class.

    Thaks for the continued work Ollie.

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  • Okay – yet another update and I have to re-apply it again.

    Reported bugs with fixes in pages/site/survey and pages/site/poll not implemented and need re-applying.

    Reported fix with results page need re-applying.

    The new results page doesn’t work because of a bug anyway so all in all, not a great start to the day and I can’t be bothered to make any more suggestions.

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