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  • There is a simple option to do that. Just create a new gallery that will have only one image and use this gallery for a specific post\page. You will have only one image on the background for this post.

    There is one drawback though. Navigation buttons will still be present on the page which makes no sense. I’m going to post a bugreport about that and suggest possible way of improvement.

    Hope this helps.

    – Artem

    Plugin Author Benoit De Boeck


    There is no arrow in the Single image mode but I forgot to make sure to remove them when using the Slideshow mode with only one image.
    This will be solved in the next update.

    Hi Benoit,

    Thanks for looking at this. I’ve already done this fix. Please take a look at my code

    Hope it will be useful.

    best regards,

    Definitely bump for this functionality in the next version. I use this quite often and it’s really tedious when you have a lot of pages which means having to create a separate single image gallery for every page and then going into each page individually to choose the appropriate gallery. I’d love it if the inside pages could use the same gallery as the homepage slideshow but only choose one random image from the slideshow gallery to display. It saves a lot of bandwidth not having to load a full slideshow on everypage.

    Also, is there anyway to set a maximum number of images so that I could have a source gallery of 10 images but it would only load 3 random images on each page visit instead of all 10 every time.

    Thanks for a great plugin otherwise!

    Also, just as an easier quick-fix to the arrows displaying on the single image slideshow. If you use a different template for inside pages than you do for the homepage/pages where your multi-slide slideshow is then all you have to do is add a css rule to the tag WordPress adds to the body targeting only navigation arrows on inside pages such as:

    .page-template-default #prevslide {visibility: invisible;}

    that will hide all arrows on inside pages while leaving your homepage arrows visible

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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