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  • Ok, well, I basically figured out what was wrong here, and I’m working on a workable solution right now. Here’s the deal, for those who are looking for problems in the future.

    • I was leaving a few plugin settings unchecked or unset. Specifically, these were: Minimum Width, Minimum Height, Center Vertically, Center Horizontally, Always Fit, Fit Portrait, and Fit Landscape.
    • Now, the reason I was leaving these settings “off” is because I didn’t WANT the settings to be “on”
    • When you leave these settings unchecked, they still output in the javascript that appears in the header of the page. In fact, specifically, they produce this code:
    	min_width		: ,
    	min_height		: ,
    	vertical_center         : ,
    	horizontal_center       : ,
            fit_always         	: ,
    	fit_portrait         	: ,
    	fit_landscape		: ,
    • The problem here is that these blank variables, if they ARE going to be blank, need to have some single quotes OR need to not be included in the javascript at all. leaving them with NO value creates a syntax error and the javascript fails.
    • Currently, I’ve fixed this by just going in and “switching on” all of these variables. But I’m about to jump into the code to see if I can either make it so single quotes are included for blank settings, or so that blank settings aren’t included at all

    I know it’s been said a lot… But thanks for the development of this great plugin.

    Plugin Author Benoit De Boeck


    If you have been experiencing this issue with version 3.1, this should now be fixed with the latest one, version 3.1.1. Or at least it should be the case! If not, please tell me.
    I had also noticed this problem in my recent tests. This was due to a mistake I had done in the rewriting of the install function that also takes care of the defaults when updating.

    Awesome, thanks for the response! I updated the plugin and it seems to be working just fine.

    Again, thanks for the development of the plugin and for the continual updates. Cheers!

    I also was having a problem similar to this..

    I’d noticed that WP-Supersized was not displaying my single image in the background for the past few months, and almost thought to down-grade, until I found this..

    finding this, I checked into the developer tools (Inspect Element) in Chrome and found that this is exactly what it was doing…

    The fields failing were different… it was the fit_always, fit_portrait, etc..

    I thought about modifying the plugin, or trying something else, but I changed this setting, and suddenly, all of these were filled in. So, I changed it back, and they were still filled in, but the slider_xxx stuff was still blank..

    My simple fix was to go to each option page individually and click save options without changing anything. This forced a save of all these fields, and now the plugin works fine again..

    It just appears that the many various options are not initialized correctly in this version, and so unless you go to each options page individually, and save each one, it still fails on v3.1.5, because in the supersized call it does: “… , fit_always: , …” With no value supplied for the variable…

    Hope this helps. was glad to get this fixed on my site again.

    Oh, and it wasn’t the 2011 or 2012 themes.. it’s using a variant of an inove theme.. but it was WP 3.5.1 and WPSS 3.1.5.

    I’m running the version 3.1.5 of the WP Supersized plugin along with the 3.6 version of WordPress.

    I cannot get the images to be displayed as Slideshow or Single image. The options I set at each page are returning to blank.

    I’ve tried all recommendations: reset the options, filled and saved all options to avoid the javascript error.

    I’ve created some folders within the /wp-content/supersized-slides. Each folder is called as the example “slidesforpost+IDofthepage/post”. And still I just can get it to work if I set the same folder for all pages.

    I need to display a slideshow of different images in each page.

    Any help would be very appreciated. I’m using this plugin outside wordpress and it works fine, but I really need to integrate it with wordpress.

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