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  • psychill


    Hi there,

    Thanks again for your help! I’ve looked into your website on ipad/iphone (with ios 6) and it seems to be working perfectly..I see the photo’s on the background.


    how did you solve the iPad-issue?

    Im having similiar strange problems with the wp-supersized-plugin on iPhone/iPad (iOS 5.1.1).

    Everything is fine as long as you don’t scroll any content. If you scroll the content of a page and then click on a link the supersized-background of the target-supersized-images are out of place, which means that the images are almost out of sight at the bottom of the iPad.

    If you refresh the page or move your finger on the ipad the supersized images “jump” in the correct fullscreen mode.

    Do you have any idea or experience with this?

    Its a real big problem, because the client-website is scheduled to go online the next week and i have to solve this issue today or tomorrow.

    So thanks in advance for any help or ideas!

    I don’t know if I really solved the iPad issue on my site… can you see the slideshow correctly now on the homepage? (I have no ipad and I can’t check in real time… so I have to phone and stress my iPadfriends… 🙂 )

    I read something about the overflow… the container of the slideshow should be overflow:auto and no overflow:hidden. I sat overflow:auto in every div that’s outside the supersized ul… I don’t know if it worked.

    You tell me… can you see the slideshow on my page????


    thanks for the fast reply. I checked your site on my iPad and can see the slideshow. Works and looks fine!

    Ok so i have to check the “overflow”. Where exactly did you change these attributes/properties? In your themes stylesheet oder in the plugins stylesheet or…? And have you defined this only in your media-query-css or in the whole stylesheet?

    My issue is really strange, because it seems that the last position of the supersized-images is somehow saved in some cache or so?
    By the way – if i rotate the iPad it also reloads correct.

    Good news for me.
    I hope my bug it’s completely solved. Thank you.

    About the overflow… I was desperate and I don’t know if it worked or not or if there was another plugin still active but useless (maybe the lazyload) that gave me that problem.
    Anyway… I put the overflow auto almost everywhere ahahah… so, you should try and try with everything that contains your slideshow.

    I hope it could help

    put this in your theme’s style.css

    #supersized {padding: 0px !important; margin: 0px !important;}

    Sure… this solves the padding on the left.
    But I don’t know if it could solve also his problem abuot images out of sight at the bottom of the screen.

    Hi @klee

    Your site works perfectly on my ipad.

    @dmuenze try #supersized {overflow: auto !important} or #supersized ul {overflow: auto !important}

    ..or something like that? just a suggestion

    Hi psychill… other great news for me. 😉
    Yes, but also overflow: auto to the divs that contain the supersized ul… remember, maybe it could work… I’m really not sure about this.

    hi there,

    until now i found no solution for the problem. Thanks for your ideas and tips!

    It must have something to do with the mobile iOS/iPad/iPhone-thing because on a normal PC/Mac with Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox this thing does not happen. Everything works fine there.

    But this mobile thing makes me crazy… I read somewhere that the mobile devices are handling some things different than normal browsers and that it can come to issues with the “viewport”… But so long i don’t know how to solve this problem.

    Any ideas are very welcome! I will update you on the development.

    Hi there,

    Just trying to help;

    I had a different problem with the css on iPad and Internet Explorer 6. I solved it by deleting the following code from the header:

    <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width” />

    Maybe that works in your case?


    thanks, i tested this now, but unfortunately the images are still shifted out of sight of the display with a large black space above. As soon as i i use my finger to make a little touchmove on the display, the whole supersized-background comes back in the correct fullscreen place.

    What i have found out so far is that this occurs no matter if i use the slideshow- or the single-mode. Whereas i found out, that the “padding left”-issue” only occurs in slideshow-mode, in single-mode no left padding is visible…
    I suppose that this may be a little clue, but until now i’m still searching and testing.
    One idea could be to force the page to reload on every page-load – but first i’m not sure how to realize this and second i fear that this will slow down the performance of the site.

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