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  • Hi,
    I installed Super edit and really liked the improvement over the built in editor. I ran into an issue though in that it kept deleting a html line in one of my pages. It apparently didn’t like the <td> background I needed to have. I checked the specs on the html I wrote and it is correct. As a result I decided theonly way I could keep my line the way I wrote it was to deactivate Superedit.

    Then I went to view my site and now the only content on all my pages was “post_content”, evrything else was gone. I went into the database through phpMyadmin and indeed all the post_content in the db was gone as well. So now I have to re-create my site.

    Just thought you would like to know about the td background issue and the content deletion upon deactivation.

    thank you,

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  • Plugin Contributor Jess Planck


    That is really unusual. WP Super Edit doesn’t add any filters for post content by default. There is one secondary plugin for the Emoticons that interacts with the content using a short code, but it only does that on rendering, so it makes not database changes of content.

    You should check other plugins that might replace content.

    You should also beware of unusual HTML in the editor. Since the WordPress visual editor is a Javascript/HTML application that edits HTML it can sometimes become broken when it encounters unusual HTML especially complicated tables.

    I have seen the editor delete HTML that was hand coded and had had a minor error. Flipping between the visual and HTML editor would cause the content to be erased. Once the minor HTML error was corrected the editor would accept the HTML without issue. I should also note that non-administrators do have limits on the HTML they can use in the WordPress editor.

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