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  • Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Try the debug log in the plugin, that will help you figure out why this is happening.

    I’m still having this issue as well, with category pages. I have my settings set to cache timeout 3600, and GC Scheduler set to Timer 3600, and pages that are days old are being served.

    As a test, I turned on debugging and set cache timeout to 30, and GC Scheduler set to Timer 60.

    I look at the debug log and can see that the category page is being regenerated now, and the timeout stamp at the bottom of the generated page is new.

    If I change the settings back to 3600/3600, my pages are no longer regenerated, and days old pages are served (my experience for the last several weeks)

    How do I debug this?

    What should I be looking for in the log?

    I believe, with my regular settings of 3600/3600, every 3600 seconds, the GC should run, and mark any page that is over 3600 seconds old as expired?

    I’m just guessing as I don’t know how the GC is implemented.

    Is the GC responsible 1 thing, or 2 things?

    1)Marking files as expired
    2)Deleting expired files

    I’m willing to put some extra debug statements in to find the issue, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

    The following functions look promising:

    function prune_super_cache
    function wp_cache_rebuild_or_delete
    function wp_cache_phase2_clean_expired


    Hi, Just an update. I updated to the latest version of the plugin yesterday 1.1 hoping my problem would be solved.

    I turned off preloading all (5000+ posts), and set expiration for 3600 seconds, and GC to timer 3600.

    I checked my category pages and they seemed to refresh correctly. I checked my pages after an hour or so, and I could see the timestamp on the generated pages be updated correctly.

    Yay!! I then turned preloading all back on, and my issue returned. The plugin would start serving stale category pages. I checked, 1, then 2 hour later, the page was never regenerated.

    I turned off preloading, and the issue went away.

    So, I think my issue is related to preloading.

    I believe, preloading is only suppose to affect individual posts, and pages?

    Would there be any reason for this to occur? My theory, again because I’m not sure how the GC works, is that the process that does preloading, because it’s busy doing that, somehow blocks the GC process from properly marking pages as expired? Could this be possible?

    Anyway, for now I’ve turned off preloading, and things are working nicely.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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