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  • I have super-cache installed on my primary domain and two add-on domains.

    It works perfectly with the two add-on domains including returning the wp-cache files for non-anonymous visitors.

    Super-cache works fine with the primary domain. My wp-config cache statement is the first statement in the file. I have changed the permissions in the cache directory to 777 and also for the subdirectories.

    I can see wp-cache file being created both in wpcontent/cache/meta and wpcontent/cache/

    The number of files in the meta subdirectory equals the counter number on the settings page. There are many more wp-cache files created in the wpcontent/cache/ area.

    I have tried uninstalling and removing all the files and deleting the cache directory with no change.

    Everytime a non-anonymous user loads a page a wp-cache file is created in wpcontent/cache. I am not sure what trigger the wp-cache file creation in wpcontent/cache/meta.

    In all respects the install is the same for my add-on domains which work fine.

    But a wp-cache file is never returned after loading a website page or refreshing a website page for a non-anonymous user nor is there ever a wp-cache message at the end of the source file.

    I have read everything I can find on this problem and cannot figure out how to fix it.

    Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Add to above:

    I have tried deactivating all plugins, still doesn’t work.

    I have tried switching theme, still doesn’t work.



    I has same problem, as you.

    But when i switch a theme to “delight” (one of the latest) WP Super Cache works!

    Switching back to my own theme — and WP Super Cache is off 🙁

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