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  • I tried installing WP Super Cache today, but 5 minutes later all my pages go blank. I followed all the steps I could find to remove and uninstall it, deleted every trace of it from my server, config files and .htaccess. Nothing has had any effect and my entire site is just a blank page.

    I am extremely frustrated and considering having to rebuild everything again!

    I still have access to my dashboard.

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  • Did you follow all the steps in the “If all else fails” section of the readme? Particularly the WP_CACHE instructions for wp-config.php ?

    Yes, I followed all of the steps. I ended up having to make a backup and delete the whole site and start over from scratch with new database.

    None of the advice anywhere had any effect on restoring my site!

    I’ll never try this plugin again.

    That’s weird, you shouldn’t have had to restore from backups. The plugin doesn’t do anything to the database.

    Following all those steps should have been enough to get your site up and running again.

    I had this happen. I wound up reverting back to a pre-9.9 wp super cache. So far, I don’t think the developers are aware of the problem, nor are they working on a fix. So, ultimately, I’m staying with 9.8 and never upgrading to 9.9.

    I reinstalled WordPress and everything was still blanked out. So I had to create a new database and import all my posts into it to get my site back up.

    CyberCobre – I’m the developer (and sole developer) behind this plugin, ahem. Did you report it at the time and try to figure out why it happened? Without help from you I can’t fix what might be either a bug or might be the plugin not installed correctly.

    The plugin works fine for tens of thousands of websites.

    I didn’t have the knowledge to figure out why it had happened. I had just learned about WordPress a few days ago and had heard about the plugin and thought it would be a good idea to speed up my site, which was going a bit slowly. However, after installing it all pages went blank. I searched forums and your plugin site, followed all the steps I found on both, but they had no effect. Since my entire site was blank, and I didn’t have hundreds of pages, it was better for me to save what I could and delete the rest and start over again from scratch instead of having my site down for several days without a solution in the works. I know many people use it without issues, which is why I felt confident to try it in the first place. But I also read that it has done the same thing to other websites in the past, so something in the code has the potential to bring a site down. However, just about everyone was able to fix it following your steps, everyone except for me it looks like.

    Wow, I was going to install this plugin this morning, but I’m glad I found this thread first!

    No doubt, dcloud! Now you know that the developer supports his plugin and that it safely runs on tens of thousands of sites. 🙂

    dcloud – There’s a 99.999999% (or so) chance that it will work perfectly ok for you. Don’t be afraid to install it, I honestly don’t know how someone could ruin their site so badly by using this plugin that they had to restore from backups.


    I’m going to give it a try, but first saving my theme folder to my desktop (just in case). I figure it can’t be worse than what I have now. I think the main culprits are the images on my site and theme itself. We’ll see if it improves anything.

    P.S. I like your tip on cleaning ballpoint pen off the monitor.

    Ok, all I can say is …. Wow!! I must have all the appropriate stuff to make this work, because it went KaPow! right out of the gate. Very nice. I have let other people know so they can visit and click around my site and let me know if the speed has improved for them, too.

    Thanks, Donncha 🙂

    0.99 version is just fine, and it caches files normally..

    Didn’t heard it before…. might because of the imcompatible…

    Same thing happened to me donncha – installed plugin, turned it on, and few minutes later: blank site and blank when trying to access wp dashboard.

    Followed the instructions for “when all else fails” for uninstallation, still nothing.

    Called my host and they said it had to do with the amount of memory limits and PHP processing. They increased something from 32M of memory to 64M and everything started working fine.

    (Did not re-install though, got too freaked out)

    This plugin totally ruined my site as well. I had to manually delete it. Now whenever I try to install a new plugin, active or deactivate a plugin I get this: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/c/h/a/chachafance/html/fanceymusic/wp-config.php:2) in /home/content/c/h/a/chachafance/html/fanceymusic/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868

    And I keep getting a weird piece of code added to the top of my blog. This is a mess.

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