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  • I’m very pleased with WP Super Cache. Certainly in the last few releases, getting it to perform well out-of-the-box has become much simpler. Especially the support for CNS (self-hosted or “real” CDNs) is fantastic. However: I have a site that has some content over https (mostly the wp-admin area, including logins and registrations) and I’d like to be able to also selectively add just a few more pages to SSL as well, while keeping the rest, the majority over regular HTTP. Pages like event reservations, contact form, profile pages on the front end to either show or modify one’s profile data; those seem “sensible” pages for SSL.

    The thing with CDN as it currently works in WP Super Cache is that it quasi-randomly assigns the subdomains defined in the CDN settings to static elements (e.g. images, scripts, css) on a cached page. And because of the restrictions on subdomains with SSL certificates (very few have a relatively expensive “wildcard” cert which supports subdomains) that means a page “hard-set” to be served over SSL (e.g. via the great WordPress HTTPS plugin) that that page won’t “validate” or more precisely: it’ll have a mixed content warning problem, due to those CDN subdomains not running over a properly signed certificate.

    So my suggested idea is to have one extra setting in the CDN settings page, essentially to switch off the CDN function (and “advanced” caching) for those pages that are running over SSL.

    While this is an issue that few WP Super Cache sites will have (not many use a “real” private SSL cert) I think that for sites on a tight budget (ours is for a non-profit) and therefor using a self-hosted CDN as well as one SSL cert this would be a great feature.

    Then again, I acknowledge that this is very much a fringe relevance issue…

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  • Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Good idea. I’ll see about that.

    It’s going to feel like Christmas all over again!

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Just updated trunk if you want to grab that with svn? I haven’t tested it as I don’t have any https sites so I’d appreciate any testing you can do!

    OK. Don’t laugh.

    I know what Subversion is, but eh, I’ve never used it. So I had to wait a few days until I had time to research it and find what I need to know and have running to pull those files (I stubbornly figured that’d be even faster than pulling all files with right-click save as…) so that’s why I’ve been mum.

    I apologize for being an udder coding n00b (then again you can ask me more about localization issues, fortunately)

    I just pulled the files; it’s now running, and so far, so good. I can’t thank you enough for being so fast with this!

    BTW: earlier this evening I ran into these guys here who offer a free 1-year but of course unvalidated simple SSL cert, i.e. for just one (sub)domain. You still would need a static IP to get it going but even their wildcard cert (I’m using SSL just for encryption / privacy purposes) looks darn cost-effective.

    So far so good, no more mixed content issue here! Awesome – thanks again, Donncha!

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