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  • On the advice of my hosting comnpany, GoDaddy, I installed WP Super Cache on a site with very high ranking – since installation, approx 10 days back – site has virtually disappeared in rankings and front page – which is my POST page – is showing it is not cached – the other pages are cached – I need some URGENT help with this, please, please, please.

    On checking some of the known “bugs” I have changed the permalink from %postname% and have the plugin now half-0n.

    Please advise what else I can do to correct this, and I am not a coder, just a user, so please keep it simple – thank you.

    This is costing me bigtime, for reasons I will not bore you with.

    Wait to hear – and thanks again.

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  • Hi Again,

    I really would appreciate some advice here please, regarding my post above. I note a later post has been replied to by both the developer and also Donncha, but not mine?

    I am a point and click guy, great at following the bouncing ball, but that is about the limit of my techie ability. I have looked at what it takes to remove WP Super Cache from my system and I simply do not understand the instructions, never mind carry them out – at least I am being honest. They do call for a fair amount of techie ability/experience.

    Is there anything that can be done to correct my problem as defined, other than my changing the permalink as I have done? – and – failing that, is there anywhere I can find uninstall instructions which do not leave me with glazed eyes – and before everyone laughs too loud, we all have to start somewhere.

    This has the potential to cost me some very serious money and I really do not know what to do – I am a fellow human being asking for help – again, thank you.

    If someone call tell me explicitly, in simple terms, where to go and what to do, then that would be great and I thank you again in advance.
    Best regards

    I have exact same problem! Need help!

    Try disabling wp-super-cache but this should have no bearing on your ranking or not in Google.

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