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  • I have hundreds of WP sites on a dedicated server that serve dynamic content from eBay to users via the phpBay Pro plugin. Each of these sites has anywhere from 1500-5000 posts.

    For performance reasons, I’d like to use the WP Super Cache plugin, but I want to make sure that the visitors are not continually seeing expired eBay auctions.

    For this, I’d like to set WP Super Cache so that the cached pages are never more than 4-6 hours old. I’m not entirely sure that I understand how to do this.

    Is the setting for “Expiry Time & Garbage Collection” where I would set this? What value should I set this to in order to make sure the content remains relatively current?

    Is the default of 3600 seconds sufficient for this? Would this cause pages to be no more than an hour old? If not, what values should I use?

    Sorry, but I’m not quite understanding how Expiry Time & Garbage Collection works.



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