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  • The plugin has been working wonderfully for a long time but since I updated to the latest version 1.0, I am experiencing a few issues on my site

    Problems don’t appear to affect the front end of the site, so that’s definitely a plus, but it affects what we do in the admin panel.

    Sometimes, when trying to create/edit/save a new post, it just won’t do anything. It just takes forever to load and don’t go anywhere, sometimes returning an error. This is for example an error it returned today

    Looking at the error logs, I see this problem:

    [14-Dec-2011 14:09:55] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_suspend_cache_addition() in /xxxxxxxxxx/ on line 288
    [14-Dec-2011 14:09:55] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_suspend_cache_addition() in /xxxxxxxxxx/ on line 288
    [14-Dec-2011 14:09:56] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_suspend_cache_addition() in /xxxxxxxxxx/ on line 288

    The error timestamp is exactly the time the error happened, so it’s definitely linked together.

    The problem just happens randomly. It will work a minute, and not the next one. Error appeared on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

    This is my set up:


    Site hosted on Rackspace Cloud Sites.

    Any advice? Thank you in advance 🙂


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  • Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Those errors aren’t wp-super-cache errors, they’re in core WordPress files. I’m not sure what would cause those problems, sorry.

    I understand. But I never had such a problem before updating to 1.0. It’s been working flawlessly until then. Do you have any suggestion?

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    You could try the last version, it’s on the “Other Versions” page off the plugin homepage here. Check if the errors go away.

    Also try to corrolate the errors with specific requests to your webserver to see what caused them.

    Thank you for the reply. Since I didn’t have any problems with the previous version, would you recommend downgrading SuperCache to that previous version?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Donncha: There may be a super-cache problem new to WP 3.3. I might be wrong though.

    advanced-cache.php calls wp-cache-phase1.php.

    wp-cache-phase1.php appears to use the Object Cache.

    In WordPress 3.3, the add() function of the WP_Object_Cache class got this added to it:

    if ( wp_suspend_cache_addition() )
    	return false;

    The wp_suspend_cache_addition lives in wp-includes/functions.php, which is loaded *after* the advanced-cache.php file is called (in wp-settings.php). Thus, trying to add anything the object cache at this point will cause the error being reported.

    This could be a core bug or oversight too. Not sure.

    Edit: Looking closer, this may only occur when an external object cache is being used (wp-content/object-cache.php exists), since you’re manually loading it there if it’s available. Weird combination of circumstances?

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Otto – thanks for checking that out. Hopefully I’ll find some time to look into it tomorrow. One way around this may be to use the “late init” feature but then all of WordPress gets loaded before PHP serves a cached page.

    All this sounds like Chinese to be. I forwarded the info to my WP developer and I’m sure she’ll make good use of this info.

    In the meantime, I hope it’s just a SuperCache problem that will be easily fixed.

    What is strange though is that the same problem happened with W3 TotalCache. Is it the same problem?

    Thanks Otto and Donncha for the help.

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Sebastienpage – it’s not a Supercache problem unfortunately. It’s a WordPress problem that was introduced in 3.3 🙁

    Hopefully it will be fixed it the next WP update then because I can’t use SuperCache right now. Using HyperCache works, but it’s not nearly as efficient as SuperCache.
    Thank you

    You said, “It’s not a Supercache problem unfortunately. It’s a WordPress problem that was introduced in 3.3.” As an Oracle developer, I sometimes encountered cases in which a change in the Oracle RDBMS software “broke” one of my procedures or scripts. Oracle software upgrades were infrequent and, in any case, I judged I couldn’t control whether Oracle, Inc., would eventually make a change that would restore the operation of my broken procedure. So I just made little adjustments in my own code that would restore the procedure to usability in the new circumstances.

    I don’t know whether this case involving WP SuperCache and WordPress 3.3 is sufficiently similar to warrant comparison. Maybe in this case, there seems to be simply nothing you can do, or maybe there seems to be nothing you can do in the time you have available. Also, I do keep in mind that WP SuperCache is “free ice cream” and that past benefits don’t entitle us to future benefits. However, if you can reasonably make some change in WP SuperCache 1.0 that will allow it to work with WordPress 3.3, those of us who have faced similar problems in our own work as developers will be able to appreciate that your finding and implementing a solution doesn’t imply your having been to blame for the problem in the first place. And we and the rest will be grateful for your continuing help.



    Hear, hear!

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh

    (@donncha) – I will look at the problem but there may be little I can do as the object cache is used by many parts of WP. I don’t even know yet where it’s getting called that causes this problem.

    Downgraded back to WP 2.9. Downgraded version of SuperCache as well. Everything works as good as ever 🙂

    I know SuperCache and TotalCahe have some nice features but I ended up installing Hyper Cache Extended and have not had any problems. WP-Supercache broke once for me about a year ago. I may be using a couple of extra plugins to make up for it but I rest easier at night.

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    tryminenow – give the next stable release a go, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what has changed in a year!

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