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  • I’ve looked all though this forum to see if I can find an answer to this problem, but I haven’t found anyone else with this issue. But this is becoming a major issue for me and it’s not just one site it’s happening on. I’ve installed Super Cache on probably hundreds of sites and at least a third of those people have emailed me with this issue.

    The problem is that a good portion of their readers will report that they can’t view the new posts. A new post shows up in the feed reader, but they click on the link to go to the site and the post isn’t there. Sometimes they’ll report not seeing any updates on a site for up to two weeks, all the while the author is posting every single day and has no problem viewing the new posts herself. I also have never had any issues viewing posts on these sites so I’ve never been able to replicate these people’s issue. But like I said, it’s not just happening on one site, it’s on a lot of sites, hosted on a lot of different kinds of servers so I’ve never been able to pinpoint one specific thing that could cause it.

    I’ve suspected it’s more of an issue with browser cache. A large portion of the people reporting problems do use ancient browsers like IE6. But I’ve still had firefox and safari users reporting the problem. It also seems that this issue happens the most on very high traffic sites, but I just got an email from a client who gets maybe 50 users a day reporting this same problem (she says NONE of her readers can see her last two posts), so it’s definitely not limited to just high traffic sites.

    I always tell them to clear their browser cache of course, but even that doesn’t work all the time. I recommend switching browsers or upgrading, but will still get responses of “that didn’t work”. Even logged in users have reported not being able to see new posts.

    Is this issue just entirely user or browser error or is there something wrong with the plugin? Is there something I can change with the settings to help alleviate this problem?

    Any advice would be appreciated, and please let me know if there’s more info I can provide or links to sites this is happening on.

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  • Have you upgraded to the latest version? It includes a fix for proxy servers which may fix the problems you’re seeing. Those users are probably going through a transparent proxy server which is caching content for too long.

    I’m having a similar issue even after upgrading to the latest version of the plugin.

    I have noticed that pages are not being cleared from the cache although they are being expired. Interestingly when I disable WP Super Cache plugin – the pages displayed on my WP blog are refreshed as they should be.

    Any suggestions?


    i noticed it as well with my site. got the updated plugin. it worked for firefox but i have to do a ctrl-refresh.

    however in IE6 my new post won’t appear on the front page whatever refresh and browser restart i do. but i was able to access the new post using its permalink. it just wont appear on the frontpage.

    i selected half-on in the meantime and the problem was solved. i’ll wait for another update then try supercache again.

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