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  • I’m running on a multi-site setup (latest production release of WP Super Cache Plugin) and sometimes the index.html file gets created, yet other directories contain only .tmp files with long file names.

    I have a cron script that I like to copy off one of the .html’s ever 30 minutes for a landing page and suddenly it just stopped working and that directory now contains only .tmp files and a few subdirectories. The subdirectories have .html files in them but they are not necessarily current content.

    I’ve run debug but can’t determine what it’s telling me.

    Any ideas on why this might occur? Running WP 3.4.2 and plugin V1.1

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  • Did you make sure you enabled the Multisite setting in the plugin settings? It’s in the Plugins tab of WP Super Cache.

    Hi Hiarlen thanks for responding! If you are referring to the domain mapping setting – I’m not using it. We use the Sitewide Tags solution to create the primary blog.

    I did find the problem late last night forgot to update this thread. There’s a checkbox on the Advanced screen for Extra Homepage checks. I found a comment deep inside a forum post where Donncha suggested that sometimes this could cause Homepage caching to stop. Well, that was the ticket – it stopped homepage caching on some (but apparently not all) subsites for us.

    I also think in doing all this that I found a solution for the occasional post showing up as a homepage, and it’s related to the complexity of one’s .htaccess file. If you have significant rewrite conditions outside of the standard WP MU .htaccess entries, it’s impossible to tell from the instructions where the WP Super Cache .htaccess modifications should reside.

    I’ve tried the WPSC entries both BEFORE the rewrites and AFTER. Our current config has WPSC BEFORE the rewrites and the site is a bit quirkier than when they were AFTER the rewrites — but before the standard WP MU entries.

    Overall the plugin works but there are definitely quirks and bugs. My favorite is when you try and install supplemental caching (like xcache or APC) and it either (1) scrambles the database until removed, or (2) interrupts the GC routine and causes actual WP-CRON ‘code’ to appear on all the sites and dashboards, even to logged out viewers, as the WP-CRON job gets fouled and the only way to fix it is to ssh into the server and manually delete the WPSC directory. Had that happen twice so far.

    Very interesting. You must have configuration that’s not the standard. Thanks for sharing.

    No Hiarlen I don’t think we are ‘non standard’ – I think that WPSC is not a pure solution, especially for active sites. It is free, so I’m not complaining just stating the facts.

    W3TC is an alternative but has it’s own glitches, we use many different solutions on many different sites all trying to find the perfect strategy. The answer is it’s all experimentation, and that’s not really a strategy.

    Apache vs. Nginx, W3TC vs WPSC vs Batcache vs. whatever, Xcache vs. APC vs Memcached. The realization becomes that WP is not really suited for most active environments unless heavily customized, and this is contrary to how it’s advertised. As you grow, the weaknesses will jump out of the corners and challenge you at every level.

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