• I noticed that with this latest version of WP Super Cache, the menu button above, “Delete Cache”, doesn’t actually delete the cache files. But going into the Contents tab of the plugin, and clicking “Delete Cache” button, it actually clears it. Didn’t know if this was a bug you wanted to look at fixing.


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  • I’m not able to delete the cache this way either. I currently have 220 expired super cache files, but cannot delete them. It also doesn’t look as if any new cache files are being created, even though I’m not receiving any errors as to why this is so. Please help!

    Same problem here – unable to delete cache either way and it is not recognizing any new pages. If I disable it, delete the cache, then re-enable, it still shows the old page.

    Try the dev version. I think that will work.

    The “Delete Cache” button on the admin menu only deletes the cache for the current page.

    The dev version also doesn’t do the trick for me – at least not with qtranslate being installed.

    MOmann – probably something to do with qtranslate then. I haven’t used that plugin so I can’t really say what’s going on there.

    After investigating I found out it was more a thing with wp-e-commerce.
    Clearing the cache for posts and pages worked fine even with qtranslate installed, only wp-e-commerce’s “products” wouldn’t be purged.

    I fixed this by adding prune_super_cache( $dir . $permalink, true, true ); in wp-cache-phase2.php line 1046 (current dev-version).

    Maybe you’re working on that part of the code since the $permalink variable from line 1043 is always overwritten later and not really used?

    The odd thing is, that page is cleared, or should be by wp_cache_post_id_gc()..

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