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  • Need some advice/help with super cache.
    I run a semi high traffic site (17K page views daily) which also receives lots of comments – (400+ Daily).
    I use intensedebate for my comment system as I found this reduces a lot server load and works very well with Super Cache.
    Since ID Comments uses javascript i don’t need Super Cache to refresh any of the pages when a comment is made.
    Since ID comments syncs with the wordpress comments system I find my cache is constantly being rebuilt due to the large amount of comments i get as well as that without lock down my hosting gets throttled (dam bluehost). Because of that, Lock Down mode is the way to go for my site and works very well.
    The thing i need help with is i post 3+ times daily and still want the cache rebuilt only when new posts go live BUT still want lock down enabled.
    I tried using the clear all cache files option in conjunction with lock down but this doest work as that rule/option is overwritten by the lockdown feature.
    Is there anyway to have lockdown enabled 24/7 and only refresh all pages/posts when new a post has gone live/created.
    The only option i see now is creating a macro to manually login to WP and disable Lock Down mode – delete all cache then re-enable lock down. I can build a macro and schedule it to run several minutes after each post is scheduled to go live.

    Any advice is much appreciated Thanks.

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  • Have you tried the cache rebuild feature?

    Yes thats always on but in my opinion Lockdown is a much better option. as it just seems to work better and faster.
    That rebuild feature is good if you aren’t getting many comments on your site. even though its serving a supercache page the server is still generating new pages in the background and this can add up over many pages. Lock down always serves a cached page without creating new ones. makes my server run much faster.
    I have created several macros already and am currently using them to manually go in and hit the delete cache button. Just wish there was an easier way.
    Either way the plugins lock down feature works well which is awesome and i really cant complain.

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