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  • I would like to support users who come to my blog using either HTTP or HTTPS. Currently, this seems to work fine with WordPress when SuperCache is not installed. When the blog is visited with HTTP, links use http://. When the blog is visited with HTTPS, links use https://.

    The problem is that when SuperCache is installed, it seems to cache a single copy of each page and serve it for either HTTP or HTTPS. So, after I enable SuperCache and a page is cached with http:// links, anyone who visits the blog via HTTPS gets the “Partially encrypted content” error from their browser since the page is served via HTTPS, but all content (images, css, etc.) is requested via http:// links.

    I believe caching/serving a separate copy of each page when it is visited via HTTPS would solve the issue. I am willing to test/help create a solution. Please let me know if am missing an already existing solution.


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  • Amazingly I think this is the first time someone has asked about this. Should be easy enough to do however, just add the protocol to the cache key and the supercache directory. I’ll update trunk later and reply here so you can try it out.

    What’s the status of this? Also need this functionality. Unfortunately WP has the annoying tendency to put the protocol in front of the url, so it would be best if SuperCache distinguishes based on the port.

    Haven’t got around to it I’m afraid. I don’t use https myself and totally forgot to look at it. I will get around to it unless someone beats me to it and writes a patch!

    Try the development version on the download page. It should update in about 15 minutes. I added support for the SERVER_PORT when using half-on mode and when using the object cache.

    Remember to change the plugin to half-on mode when testing this!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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