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  • Occasionally the root homepage gets replaced with a random RSS feed from a specific blog. I have no idea how this happens and it hasn’t happened to me but has happened to multiple people, so it is difficult to diagnose what is going on.

    What exactly is the “Extra Homepage Checks” option for and how does it interact with a multisite environment? It is currently not turned on because I don’t turn on strange features until I know what they are supposed to do.

    This is on WordPress 3.0.4 multisite with WP Super Cache (latest).

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  • Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    it’s supposed to stop random things like this happening to the front page. Unfortunately due to a tiny bug it’s probably broken so even if you had it enabled it wouldn’t make a difference. Grab the development version off the download page and give it a whirl please. That should help.

    Okay. I’ve uploaded the devel version and enabled “Extra Homepage Checks”. We’ll see if this fixes the issue. Thanks.

    Apparently that didn’t work. It is still happening even with the development version.

    I was also just informed that RSS feeds have not been working properly since activating this plugin. So this plugin is somehow interfering with normal RSS functionality.

    I just got it to happen to me one time on a single post. But I reloaded the page and that “fixed” the problem.

    I just thought of something regarding this issue. Apache runs ‘x’ child instances and handles some number of requests before terminating the child process. PHP running as a module runs within these processes. Is there something about this plugin that is not PHP module-safe (i.e. not reentry-safe)? If I send a request to the server, I don’t know what Apache process is going to get the request but if any one of those processes starts acting “weird”, it will continue for future requests to that same child until the number of connections reaches the maximum number configured for Apache in httpd.conf.

    I’ve been scouring the code for something that seems odd but haven’t found anything blatantly obvious yet. It definitely has to do with RSS feeds cross-pollinating to posts though. An RSS feed from a blog on our site being pulled onto our homepage was just affected – pulled the wrong RSS feed.

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Each child process is entirely separate and in PHP there’s no connection between them so that shouldn’t happen. I remember working on mod_perl many years ago and because I wasn’t used to it I didn’t initialise my variables correctly. Variables from different requests survived somehow between requests!

    Yeah, I’ve never had an issue like that but, from what I understand, PHP as a module will execute multiple times in the same child. The same child is reused up to the specified Apache server limit.

    At any rate, I’m still scouring the code for possibilities. RSS feeds appear to get cached with legacy caching and I’ve already got a pretty good grasp on how the plugin functions (more or less). I’m definitely not a fan of the /cache/blogs/ directory structure since over half of the written directories there appear to be hacking attempts and 404 errors. The /supercache/ directory structure is a lot cleaner.

    I’ve just been ordered to revert to WP Cache 2. This bug on our live site is causing numerous issues for Ordinary Joe who is sending e-mail complaints. Sorry, this bug is a critical issue for us. We’ll try it again once it has been permanently squashed.

    We’ve seen the RSS feed issue crop up everywhere, not just the homepage. It seems to happen more frequently when there are momentary spikes in traffic. Seemingly random bugs are the hardest to track down and squash – I know because I’ve been there. I’ll still try to see if I can track down the problem because we really do need static caching.

    Okay. After reverting to WP Cache 2, the bug is still happening. That rules out WP Super Cache. Of course, I’m now left wondering what one of a dozen things I’ve made changes to caused the issue.

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