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  • I run a popular blog with over 60,000 pageviews a day and run the supercache plugin, every few days im having to delete expired cache files manually as they are taking up nearly 1gb of space just on their own, there were 6500 expired pages for wp-cache + supercache combined this morning. is there anything i can do to automatically delete these expired pages? as the plugin doesnt seem to be doing it. i have been searching on the internet for people with the same problem but cant find the best outcome to solving this.

    look forward to any replies. Nick

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  • Do you have the garbage collection set to work every hour?

    If so, can you debug the prune_super_cache() function? Use error_log to log when it’s called, and what files it deletes. (Use Google to find out how to use error_log)

    Hi donncha

    I love your plug-in but after my traffic increased wp-super-cache is giving me problem… because is getting the /tmp directory full quickly

    Then mysql cannot write temp table… etc etc and wp-super-cache then caches my frontpage without categories and without content…
    Only direct url post are visible… and the cats menu disappears.

    Is there any way to tell wp-super-cache to store those files in another location different than /tmp ??

    engelsol – check your wp-content/wp-cache-config.php – what’s the value of $cache_path? Are you on a shared hosting account that has problems with using wp-content/cache/ as the cache directory? (ie. CPU usage sky rockets, it’s on NFS)

    Are you using the latest version?

    What is your garbage collection time set to? Have you verified if it’s deleting anything?

    $cache_path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/cache/’;

    Donncha… I am on my own server…
    wp-super-cache is caching well to “wp-content/cache/”

    But for some reason it also create many many files at the “/tmp” creating all kind of problem for wp, mysql, etc. when that memory dir become full.

    After I MANUALLY delete wp-super-cache files from /tmp and clear the cache everything works until /tmp got full again.

    HOW to avoid those files at the “/tmp” directory of linux

    I just installed your your version.

    Now I dont see the garbage at the “/tmp”

    I am suffering a DIGG like effect since 2 days ago… the site is almost unusable because of this… I have upgrade the server 2 times in 2 days… it is a news site with a hot news we published…but at least now I can browse… I will let it run 2 hours and then will give an update to see how it goes… I am using the latest build…wp 2.7 RC1

    ok… this is has being working well…
    the last version sold many problems for me…

    Thanks donncha

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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