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  • What does everyone think of automatically deleting the cache when changing the WP Super Cache status? When editing templates or doing other things the cache is not automatically aware of, I find myself frequently turning the caching off. When I do this however, the static files are still served. It would be quite convenient if turning wp cache to disabled mode, also nuked the cache to avoid this possibly confusing behavior.

    I’ve also mocked up a very minor suggestion for the interface for turning the caching off and on. I find myself re-reading the text beside the radio buttons several times to make sure I’m finding the one I want. If the buttons were arranged horizontally and titled, “ON, HALF ON, and OFF”, I know I’d hit the one I want every time. Here’s my mock-up:

    These are both very minor suggestions. I love the plugin and the way it’s improved my blogs performance. Thanks to the authors and maintainers.



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  • Rob – the plugin sort of did that already. It deleted the supercache dir when you deactivated the plugin. Unfortunately the function that clears the cache isn’t loaded unless caching is enabled so it can’t delete the cache when caching is switched on.

    I added your ideas for OFF, ON and HALF ON text to the status, thank you!

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