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  • I have just installed WP Super Cache and have a warning that a file is writable. “Please make it readonly after your page is generated as this is a security risk”

    I am new to this and don’t know how or where to make it read only.

    Can you advise me what to do please?

    Thank You

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  • You have to change the permissions on this file. This can be done usually in your FTP program (right click file and see if there’s option?) or through root access via ssh. Unfortunately this plugin does require a bit of technical expertise.

    I have the same warning – and the folder it’s referencing (the root folder) is already CHMOD’d to 750, and the htaccess file in it is at 644.

    Is this a SuperCache bug, or do I need to CHMOD my root directory or another folder/file to something else…???

    It’s probably a bug. If you’re happy with the permissions just ignore it. It’s very difficult to check permissions like this across every type of host so sometimes it just gets it wrong.

    Thanks stunnaboi and donncha for your replies. The folder its referencing is the root folder for the domain. I have checked the permissions via my ftp program filezilla and only the owner permissions have ‘write’ ticked and the numeric value is 755 (and i dont know what that means!)

    Does this seem ok to ignore? (the bug you mentioned)


    The files are probably owned by the web server which is why they’re reported writable by the plugin. The plugin is supposed to detect this but in your case it obviously doesn’t. It’s a minor problem do just ignore it.

    I don’t plan on fixing it but if want to try, please feel welcome to send me a patch 🙂

    Somehow I don’t think I’m quite up to writing a patch yet! Thanks for your help though.

    I got this alert message too.I checked the folder it mentioned.It is set to 755,which means only myself have the write permission of this folder.So I think this is a bug.

    digglife – appreciate if you could dig into the code. It’s really difficult to account for every sort of server configuration.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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