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  • donncha,

    When a comment is deleted the cache should be cleared for that page (so the comment actually disappears). As it is now, a comment is deleted, then you have to manually clear the entire cache just so one page will reflect the changes.

    Kinda crummy.

    But, great work otherwise.

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  • (this question appeared in my mind:)
    what does super cache if manually delete corresponding file for that page?

    wyDay – I presume you have the “do not cache for logged in users” activated? Grab the development version. It should be fixed now.

    I’ve just tried out, and now when comments are added, the pages aren’t updated! This has never been a problem for me before – note that I run it in “half on” mode, which means everything should update (and in the case of previous versions, it did).

    Looks like your fix broke something else!

    ljmac – do you have the “do not cache for logged in users” activated? Were you viewing the page as a logged in user or not?

    I tested on my own blog and the page updated after I left a comment, with or without the “do not cache” option set.

    I don’t even see this option! Is it only for Super Cache mode? I was logged in at the time.

    Once again, it worked fine with all previous versions. In half on mode, the pages always updated instantly, whether I was logged in or not.

    Install the plugin again. Maybe when you upgraded it wasn’t done correctly.

    I have the exact same problem. When a commenter leaves a comment (even me!) the cache is not refreshed. It has to either expire or be manually deleted. It hasn’t been an issue for me either before except since the last update. Do you have any idea of what’s happening? Have you confirmed the problem?

    stratosg – can you copy wp-super-cache/wp-cache-phase2.php off your server and upload it to and post the url here please?

    I need to compare files. Thanks.

    Certainly! There you go

    Thanks for the immediate reply and let me know if you need anything else…

    stratosg – do you have file locking enabled? If so add this line at line 9 in wp-cache-phase2.php and remove it from line 45. Does that help?


    Or just disable file locking.

    This seems to have removed the problem! I don’t remember enabling this option but anyways thanks a lot for toubleshooting with me Donncha!

    So simply disabling file locking fixes this? Mind you, I would prefer to leave it enabled though – it was working fine in previous versions after all.

    ljmac – disabling file locking or fixing the bug above. The file locking is really not needed any more though.

    I take it the bug fix will find its way into the next version? If so I might just play it safe and wait for that.

    ljmac – *sigh* yes it will make it into the next version but it would be *really* nice if I had confirmation from more than one other person that this fix really worked.

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