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  • Despite everything I’ve tried, comments do not cause super-cached pages to update. As a logged-in user, I can see the new pages, so legacy cache is fine, but if I go in with a different browser as an unrecognized user, I see an old page without the comments. For hours and hours and hours. I’ve had users tell me that they have the same problem, including at least one commentator who should be a recognized user, but is using firefox on linux. [Further correspondence disclosed he deletes all his cookies, so I presume he’s treated as a non-recognized user.]

    I have this same problem whether I use mod_rewrite or the PHP version (with the rewrite .htaccess code manually deleted).

    The one oddity about my site is that it is actually located at [url]/site rather than at just [url]. This is not visible to the user, as I use the redirection plugin ( I am also hosted at Dreamhost on a VPS, but not using the “tmp” hack recommended on an earlier support thread. (I wasn’t able to follow the documentation — would I need to change the .htaccess code too?). [Update: since first posting I’ve changed the cache files location to a director under /tmp, and started using the PHP version so there’s no .htaccess code to change. This hasn’t really changed anything as I still have the comment problem, and the site still goes nuts and uses wild amounts of memory every couple of days.]

    Although I’ve played around with a lot of options, my current settings are:

    Under “Advanced”
    * Use PHP
    * Compress pages
    * 304 Not modified
    * Cache rebuild [But note that my comment problem persists for over a day at a time]
    * Moible device suppport [and comments on the mobile version work fine, as I’ve listed many many mobile user types as ‘Rejected User Agents’]
    * Extra homepage checks
    * List newest cached files

    Cache timeout 7200 seconds
    Scheduler timer 600 seconds

    Do not cache feeds

    And a long list of rejected users agents for cell phones.

    Under “Preload” I checked “preload mode”. I have also tried unchecking it. I’ve tried various Refresh intervals from 720 up to 14400 minutes.

    I have a large site, but most pages are old don’t get comments, so I what I want is to create a large library of static files for them, and just have the pages update when a comment comes in — which is not that frequent, and usually only on the more recent pages. But I do want the pages with comments to reflect them.

    Daily traffic at is in the 500-1000 range at present. [Maybe even less for the holidays.]

    (Apologies if this is a duplicate posting; I think I posted the first version in the wrong place as it’s not showing up on the list here.)

    Some additional questions since the first post:

    Is there a setting which controls the speed at which comments show up?

    Why is it before I changed the debug file address to /tmp when I would visit the site as an anonymous user with debug turned on, if pages are served with supercache it sometimes produced no info in the debug file? [Note also that having changed the location to /tmp breaks debug because the debug data file is stored in the new dire rectory location, but that location is one I can reach via http.]

    Final note: If you visit you will see most of the comments, because I’ve been deleting the cache manually from time to time; fortunately commenting is very slow during the holidays.

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  • Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    You don’t need that redirection plugin. Check the codex as that explains how you can install WP in one directory and serve it from another. That’s probably why your comments aren’t showing up.

    I bet the redirection plugin doesn’t set things exactly right and Supercache then doesn’t delete the cached files. The files should delete immediately and comments show up immediately.

    Unfortunately, I *do* need the redirect plugin, not because I’m located at …/site but because I converted the blog from MovableType a few years ago and wanted to ensure that all of the many links out there to pages with the old and somewhat idiosyncratic permalink structure would forward to the right pages on WordPress.

    The plugin is pretty straightforward and seems to do everything else right, FWIW. Is there something I should be looking for?

    I noticed another odd fact. This page gets updated very quickly:

    when this page

    does not.

    Having looked at all the redirections currently in use, I am pretty sure that nothing the redirection plugin is supposed to be doing involved in the creation of …/comment-page-1 files

    I read at that turning off comment pagination might make this page go away. I’m trying it. Is it possible that this is the problem?

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    I can see one problem. The vast majority (99.9999999%) of WordPress blogs have a trailing slash on their URLs. The .html extension is hardly used now, especially on dynamic sites.

    The /site/ urls above didn’t work for me but removing that string did work BTW.

    Your site will work a whole lot better if /site/2011/12/a-modest-proposal-drug-tests-edition.html redirected to /2011/12/a-modest-proposal-drug-tests-edition/ – plugins don’t expect the .html extension and as you’ve found out sometimes break on them.

    I don’t have any site that uses a .html extension so I can’t easily test and fix this problem, sorry. There is a “trailing slash” in the code already but obviously it’s not enough for your site. 🙁

    Thank you for that suggestion. I’ll have to figure out how to ensure all the redirects from the old structure work with this when I try to change it.

    But meanwhile, I’d like to note that very many of the blogs I visit regularly use page addresses that end in .html, so it can’t be that unusual. I’d say it was almost half, with .php being the next most common. So perhaps it would be worth supporting?

    I’m having similar troubles: New comments show immediately for the commenter, and for me as admin. But going to a different machine, the page shows only the previously cached comments.

    (I also have WP installed in a subdirectory.) I am using Preload Mode with a full refresh every 24 hours. I’m thinking of refreshing more frequently as a workaround, but the docs indicate that a new comment is supposed to clear the cache for a particular page… is Preload working against this?

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    jonreid1 – the first thing you do is use the debug system and watch what happens when you leave a comment. Is the supercache cached file deleted?
    If it isn’t clear from that then check the actual file on your server at wp-content/cache/supercache/HOSTNAME/path/to/post/index.html – make sure that file contains the new comment.

    If the files has refreshed then it’s the browser caching the page (not the server) but check the above first.

    Thanks, here’s what I see: The debug log shows “Moderated comment. Don’t delete supercache file until comment approved.” But then there’s no indication of any change after the comment is approved. Looking at the supercache files, the cached file is neither deleted nor updated.

    I’m using two comment-related plugins, Comment E-mail Verification and Comment Redirect by Yoast. Deactivating them both, I get the same results.

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