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  • thank you for this plug-in. I would like to be able to change the location of cache directories and reduce the number of folder names.

    as an example

    right now everything is written to domainname/wp-content/cache/supercache/domainname/slugname/

    I would prefer to have the files written to

    can this be done?

    thanks again

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  • On a case by case basis it can using the “Direct Cached Files” functionality. Allowing a script to create directories and files in the root directory of your blog is fairly dangerous though and not supported except in this controlled fashion.

    This is somewhat of a hack:

    I am using your plug-in in an attmept to create a static web site using WordPress pages. With your plug-in I can create physical folders and .html pages so I would prefer to do that off of the root directory

    This allows me to:
    1. use wordpress as a CMS to generate static html files.
    2. point subdomains or other domain names to physical folders within the root domain

    I can create domainname/folder1/index.html and domainname/folder2/index.html. Once these folders and files exist then I simply point 2 new domain names at folder1 and folder2 as those index pages become the home pages for those additional domains.

    3. I can then manage multiple web sites with only 1 install of wordpress.

    This solution addresses of the BIGGEST issues with WordPress – no static files and the need to create so many installations of wordpress to manage multiple domain names that use the same themes etc.

    Also I assume you would like to have the option to choose to create static .php pages so you could still execute php server code/plugins.

    Perhaps a static page builder plugin exists and I am missing it?
    Is a well known hack to force WP to “write” folders/pages to the server?

    If so please let me know. The lack of static pages from WP is the only keeping MT in the game IMO.

    This is probably not a solution for hosted sites but it seems that this ability IS BADLY NEEDED and should be available for those that are hosting WP on their own servers.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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