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  • I updated to 0.6.7 today from 0.6.6. Turned the caching off, deactivated the plugin, updated to the new plugin, reactivated, then turned full caching and supercaching on. Back to normal.

    I noticed then that I had some expired cache files, so I decided to delete them (and the old non-expired files) through the plugin controls just to have a fresh start. The expired regular cache files deleted fine, but the expired supercache files will not delete. I have 220 stacked up and no way to delete them via the normal method.


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  • Same here, I have 117 stuck in the supercache that I can’t delete. Please help!

    Updated to 0.7.1 and the problem persists.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Log in to the site via FTP and just delete them that way. Kill everything in the wp-content/cache folder.

    Any errors in your error log? Anything about out of memory errors?

    After deactivating the plugin one file remained in my cache folder. I couldn’t delete it using ftp, because it’s owner was apache, I do not have root access and the server is not using cgi. (So in my case this is a problem related to the server configuation.)

    A very short script helped:

    $filename = "cache/wp-cache-fe99b33fb433933765428b2126ad62e4.html";
    chmod($filename, 0777);
    echo 'no try to delete this file using ftp: ' . $filename;

    Name it “uglydelete.php”, put it in your wp-content directory and run it by using your browser. I had to change the permission for the cache directory as well.

    Note: Do not forget to change all permissions back to default again and delete the script as soon as possible!


    I brute forced it (delete the files directly via FTP). Whether that fixes the problem with the plugin’s inability to delete these files in the future is another issue.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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