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  • Hey all,

    I’ve been using Super Cache on my web site for a while now ( My front page is a static page. 98% of the time, my site works fine. However, every once on a while, instead of caching the static front page, the caching plugin caches my first category page ( instead. When this happens, users who go to see the contents of instead. That’s pretty devastating to my site, since my front page is essentially an index of all the useful information on the site, and when users can’t get to it, my site becomes useless.

    When I go into the cache settings and clear the cache, everything reverts to normal. This seems to happen about once a week I’d guess. At least that I notice.

    The questions are obvious: Why is this happening? Is there anything I can do to fix/mitigate this? Next time it happens, is there anything I can look for to help figure out what’s going on here?

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  • Do you have a plugin that shows that page to certain users? Perhaps to users who come from a search engine or a certain site?

    Nope, I’m using the standard WP functionality to show a static page as the front page of a wordpress site. Everyone sees it regardless of who they are.

    The only plugin I’m running that seems like it could be remotely relevant to a problem like this is SEO_Wordpress:

    I am having this exact problem. it only started a few weeks ago. The first time, it cached the first category in the queue, like you described. (Bad). Now, it’s caching index.php, which is also Very Bad because my home page is supposed to be index.html. The difference I have is, instead of doing it once a week it seems to pop up 5-10 hours after I manually clear the cache. Obviously it shouldn’t be messing with the home page at all since index.php is listed as an exclusion. I hope we can figure this out.

    I am having a similar problem, though it runs quite a few times since content on the site is updated more than once a day.

    It just picks up the first category and displays the page to users, this is pretty annoying since the index page is basically the first time a user comes across the site and has information that would make the user eventually subscribe and become a regular reader.

    Analytics too show that exit on the faulty category page is pretty faster than on the actual index page.

    Would be grateful if you could solve this bug.


    donncha posted there and is offering to debug. I’ve been having the exact same problem to guys. Every 5-10 hours it would happen. Btw, what hosts are you guys on?



    We are having the exact same issues as the TS on our site, and it has been causing major, major headaches for us. Really hoping this gets fixed soon.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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