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  • This was discussed at and you gave an answer about using filters. That’s fine if you want to be a hardcore WordPress developer but if you’re an end-user then that answer was worse than useless because you’ve given an answer and then nailed it to the wall well out of reach of the average user. I’ve been maintaining my WordPress installation for a few years but I couldn’t readily find any useful info about where to create or modify the cached_mobile_groups filter.

    Is there a simple way I can specify the groups array so that wpTouch and wp-super-cache serve different cached pages for iPhone & iPad without having to wade through the docs?

    Does it go in Functions.php?
    Does it go in wpTouch?
    Could you create a settings filed for it?

    Is this all to hard for the average user? That kinda narrows your audience. A lot.

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  • As a workaround I have added “ipad” to the excluded agents list.

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Does wptouch have a form where you can modify the user agent list? Reload the WP Super Cache settings page if there is one and you change it.

    WP Touch have a page on using wp-super-cache which is behind a paywall. They just tell you to post all of these user agents in the rejected agents box, delete the cache and limp along:

    blackberry 9800
    blackberry 9780
    blackberry 9850
    blackberry 9860

    That’s a copout if you ask me – it works fine using the workaround above for caching iPhone pages, there just needs to be a separate group for the iPad because it uses a different theme.

    Looking into the future (well, now because it was just released) there are iOS6 variations as well. My point here is that the groups of user-agents needs to be an easy thing to configure. I didn’t come to WordPress to be a WordPress coder, I came to WordPress to write content. Making it easy to configure is your job, not mine. It’s all well and good to have a top-notch caching plugin (and wpSC is) but if it is a pig to use then it is of very little value. If I can’t configure it I will dump it.</ rant>

    Sorry about the rant – I just wish the last step was there – you’ve written a great infrastructure then stopped short of implementing it in a usable manner.

    It is a great plugin, btw – I have been using it for years on my $100 /yr host and it really does speed my page loads up tremendously. Compare…

    It works brilliantly, when it works.

    Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    That is a cop out and obsolete because of the wptouch plugin in WP Super Cache.

    Mobile support should be better, but it takes time and that’s something I don’t have these days 🙁

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