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  • It doesn’t seem to use the cached files. In my cache stats it says I have 54 cached pages but I don’t see it being used. Every time I refresh my page it generates new stuff instead of using the cached page. What’s wrong? there are always files on my host but I don’t see it working!

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  • Same issue. On my WMPU install, the cached files just don’t get served. Inside of wp-content/cache/ there are files being created such as

    I’m not sure, but isn’t it supposed to go into the supercache directory? It’s weird, because it creates empty folders inside the supercache folder that mimick the site structure, but the .html files are stored in the root of wp-content/cache with just different md5 hashes in the filename.

    The .htaccess auto-updating thing seems a little buggy too, i had to do it manually because it was cutting off half of the code or wiping the .htaccess completely.

    I’ve double checked permissions/ownership on all directories and files and made sure i was logged out and cleared my cookies when testing a cached page. I’ve tried with supercache on and off also, still doesn’t served cached pages. I’ve made sure wp-config has the right define value and i even hardcoded the document root into the .htaccess file. All i can figure is either the .htaccess is not pointing to the cached files correctly or the cached files arent being stored in the right spot.

    Count me in, also. Several different computers with different OSes and browsers, and no cached pages are being served. The caching system is working, but browsing yields only dynamic pages.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Do your themes have closing html tags? That will stop pages being cached.

    Or else you have some unusual hosting conditions or environment. Try hard coding the DOCUMENT_ROOT in the .htaccess. That may help.

    Same issue here except my add-on domains work perfectly. Just the primary domain does not return wp-cache files. Super cache files work fine for non-registered/no-comment viewers.

    I have tried everything imaginable to track down the problem. Different theme, uninstalling all the plugins, etc.

    Just tried hard coding the document root, no change.

    I have asked bluehost isp if it is an issue with their setup but they of course deem this to be a software issue outside of their scope.

    Just about ready to leave well enough alone as I am tired of trying to figure this one out.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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