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  • Hello,

    I use WP Super Cache with success on my blog, however, I noticed a drop in the earnings of the CPM advertisements on it, and I wonder if it could be related to this plugin.

    CPM adverts are “pay per view” advertisements, loaded from an iframe inserted into my sidebar. Each time a user opens a new page of my blog, the iframe is required once again to send a banner and it counts as a new view. I considered as obvious that the contents of an iframe won’t be cached, but who knows…

    In your opinion, is it possible that WP Super Cache will also cache the contents of an iframe, and possibly give the advertiser (who pays me !) the impression there are less views than before, since his server doesn’t receive new requests to send his banners ?

    The question is of importance for me, as you can guess.

    Best regards,


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  • Yes, if the iframe is served from your own site by a WordPress plugin then it could be cached. You should add that iframe url to the rejected URI list so it’s not cached.

    If in doubt, logout, clear your cookies and check if the iframe has the supercache comment at the end of the file.

    Hello, sorry I forgot to reply in due time !

    I made the test for myself, and to my surprise, with WP Super Cache deactivated, I saw no change at all in the advertising revenue.

    Go figure, I would say…

    Sabinou, I could be mistaken, but I recently replaced SuperCache with Hypercache, and when I deactivated Super Cache, I could see it was actually still serving up cached pages. I then removed the extra folders and files it creates in your wp-contents folder, and after that I could tell it wasn’t caching anymore.

    I have no idea whether caching affects CPM ads – mine are Javascripted and I was wondering the same thing (why I came to this thread). But if you just “deactivated” SuperCache, I’m not sure it really stopped running during the time your revenue didn’t change.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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