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  • I received the following from my hosting service. I have no idea what these things are. Is Super Cache affected by this?

    We’re making a small change to your hosting account to make sure it continues to work as intended.

    On October 1st, 2012 we will deploy Alternative PHP Cache (APC) to your hosting account. APC can siginficantly improve the performance of PHP driven web sites, reducing load times.

    We have noticed that one or more of your hosted websites uses IONCube, Zend Guard, or Zend Optimizer.

    To ensure that these programs will not conflict with APC, we will modify your account’s php.ini file by adding “apc.enable=0” during this deployment.

    This update will disable APC and lets your website continue to run as it always has.

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  • Is Super Cache affected by this?

    No. It is safe to run WP Super Cache along with APC. Even though there is no specific option in WP Super Cache to enable caching using APC, both can co-exist together. APC can be useful for logged-in users and WP Super Cache can be useful for non-logged-in (aka normal) visitors.

    Update: In general, I’d follow the webhost’s advise. They are in a better position to tell, if APC can be enabled for your account that may be using IONCube, Zend Guard, or Zend Optimizer in one of the sites. WP Super Cache or WordPress in general do not use any of these, from what I know.

    Caching can quickly break your site or cause it to serve up stale material. I would tread very cautiously. There’s a reason your host is disabling your account up front – they believe things you’ve deployed will cause conflicts with APC. APC, Xcache, etc. are all very good solutions but are very fragile in a WordPress environment and it depends on how much activity you have on your site, how things are displayed, and literally how often you want or need material to be fresh.

    WP Super Cache can break instantly with the deployment of APC or Xcache on a heavily accessed site. I have had experiences with both, and recently both appear unstable with the latest releases of WordPress (3.4.2 especially, a little less with 3.4). If you use Buddypress, it’s much much worse.

    Opcode caching is generally ok, but database caching can be a disaster with WordPress on active sites. Make some backups, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. The problem for me is “hoping” is not a strategy.

    A classic example of caching problems just occurred with my above post. has not updated the forum index page to show my latest post, yet it still appears here in the comments. This is a *notorious and pervasive problem* with this CMS solution and certain types of caching. I suspect in some timeframe (or TTL), things will get updated and everything will again align.

    Is that what you want to present to your visitors? Imagine in WPSC that your taxonomies may not update for a minimum of 6 hours (if you preload) or you will be required to turn of caching of categories. At that point, what is the benefit? You already have to disable feed caching if you’re to have anything going out to the real world.

    Hi everyone!

    I’m glad I found this thread. I’m having a real nightmare right now as all of my wordpress and joomla sites are broken after the APC update. All the steps to disable APC in the php.ini and php5.ini did not make any difference. I just get a 500 internal error message.
    Godaddy wont help me because they say its a third party application even though installed it through the apps manager in the hosting control panel.

    Since the update (which is almost three weeks now) all my websites with wp and joomla have crashed. I cant lose everything and reinstall again.

    What deejay said is all true, the changes broke my sites, the worst part I didnt even ask for it. Now I have to find a way to get them working again. I am not a technical person to be able to do it myself but looks like I have no choice.

    Please have a look at my websites (wp) (joomla) and (html)

    I would appreciate any suggestions to trouble shoot this problem.

    Thanks in advance guys.


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