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  1. kmd2130
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I need to embed dynamically-generated iframe forms inside the content of 100+ pages.

    When pasting this code directly into the content, it works on both the intial page load, and subsequent loads of the cached page:

    <!--mfunc echoIframe('Form1', 'Default') --><?php echoIframe('Form1', 'Default')?><!--/mfunc-->

    However, when using a shortcode that returns the above mfunc code, the mfunc code will obviously only fire on the cached page, not on the initial page load.

    Non-technical content writers will be responsible for placing these iframes throught the content on multiple pages, so asking them to paste in mfunc code is unacceptable. I would prefer to use a shortcode like [iframe param1=Template1 param2=Style1]

    So, does anybody know of a method or plugin to use a shortcode to stamp mfunc code on a page, and have the mfunc code execute when initially called by the shortcode, AND during subsequent requests of the cached page?

    thanks for your help!

  2. yannou974
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hey did u find how to solve it ?

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