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  • Apparently I was a tad too enthousiast about the fixed errors in WP-Supercache Users are reporting sudden 404 errors for the homepage and other articles in This was already reported to me when I upgraded to 0.9.6, but I forgot to mention this since I already downgraded to 0.9.5 due to the other (fixed) errors.

    I’m at loss why the 404 errors suddenly pop up for our homepage or published articles. Has this been reported by others as well?

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  • No, you’re the only one. Haven’t had 404 reports from others. Could be some other plugin is conflicting?

    Thanks Donncha. I think this happened because of Ask Apache Google 404. Haven’t heard any complaints after (only) disabling this plugin.

    It may have been caused because upon handling an error the old version exited php, and wp-super-cache likes to be the master loop.

    The new version 4.7+ fixes this.

    Hey donncha,

    I’m having this issue with the plugin as well, and I’m not using Ask Apache Google 404 plugin.

    After the plugin has been activated for around 5- 10 minutes I start getting a 404 issue on the homepage of the site, and firefox users start getting a gzip folder start automatically downloading.

    Any ideas?


    Ben – any unusual plugins? Anything that modifies or traps 404 errors? Anything in your theme?

    Hi donncha

    I just did a new install of WordPress 2.8.4 and installed the latest WP Super Cache. If I try to run it on full cache, I get error 404s. It looks like the cache URL is being substituted for the actual URL.

    The site works fine on half cache.

    I’ve used your plugin on other sites with a no problems.

    The site uses the following plugins:

    Any ideas as to why the cache URLs are being substituted when running in full cache? It seems like an .htaccess problem, but that file is using the code generated by WP Super Cache.

    Try the development version off the download page, and remove the .htaccess rules that the plugin created. May help.

    Otherwise, deactivate plugins one by one and experiment. Make sure to clear the cache every time you deactivate.

    Hi donncha,

    This is still happening sporadically. Really strange and I can’t pin-point what is going on. This is a high traffic (150,000+ visits) site so it’s making it tricky to test as we can’t roll back to default themes etc. The only information I have is that no combination of plugins I’ve tried has stopped it happening, and it only happened when I updated to 2.8.4.

    Advanced Category Excluder
    Auto Thickbox
    FD Feedburner Plugin
    Get Author Profile
    Get Post Image
    Level2Categories 2
    Twitter for WordPress
    Viper’s Video Quicktags
    WP Super Cache (obviously).

    The theme we use is completely custom and it hasn’t changed since the update. Would really appreciate any ideas you might have.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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