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    wp super cache , wp 3.0, wpmu is merged with wp. what about mu-plugins and plugins directories? what do you think, donncha? is it useful to use “plugins” directory both if wp is installed as multisite and one site? now wp super cache should be installed to mu-plugins if wp is multisite. this is written in readme file. does it work now if install it to plugins directory while wp is multisite?, do you know?. and there are 2 different plugin enable buttons now in 3.0 admin dashboard: activate and network activate. i think may be second is designed to work instead of “mu-plugins”, is it ? there i see a probable usefulness of installing to “plugins” directory: plugins installed there can be activated/deactivated easily. is it useful with this plugin? or deactivating is almost same with turning off cache? (or it if deactivated loads less files?)>update: yes, when deactivated less things are in dashboard! i.e. wp super cache config page and link to it in menu would disappear. <

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  • look “Plugins: Activate vs. Network Activate”

    The /mu-plugins/ folder still works in WP3.0 … just create it and put Super Cache in there as described in the readme.

    I have tested how to install wp-super cache to wp 3.0.
    first i have installed it to mu-plugins. it works, but do not uninstall properly. i have written about that uninstallation is buggy at .
    then i have installed it in clear wordpress to “plugins” directory. it works. and uninstalls with uninstall.php properly, i have not tested “manually uninstall” instruction. In this case, “site” owners can click to activate it, but it do not activate, menu do not appear, as i remember. if main(?) admin activates it, it starts to work, menu item also do not appear at blog hosting clients’ panels, only appears at main admin’s dashboard. and if main admin activates, “activate” and “network activate” behave similarly.

    i have now tested current development version, it has not activated properly in multisite installation when is installed in plugins directory. please fix this. because “plugins” directory is good. now i have tested, even deactivating plugin from there deletes “advanced cache” and “wp cache config” files automatically, though it has not deleted “cache” directory, but maybe deactivating has deleted its content.

    add after several minutes: this version has not worked also with mu-plugins, i will test a development version previously downloaded.
    add after a minute: that is also same. in “plugins” says

    Sorry, the WP Super Cache admin page only works on the main site (http://wp.localhost/wp-admin/wpmu-admin.php?page=wpsupercache) of this network.

    , in mu-plugins do not work at all. but this is in wp 3.0 , maybe i will test with 3.0.1.
    with 3.0.1 also do not work.

    no, i have not properly installed it to mu-plugins

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