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  • I have several sites on WP 2.8.4. And i’ve recently found, that i have 0 cached pages everywhere. Plugins seems to work correctly, no error messages. I’ve reinstalled it like 10 times, changed WP version to 2.8.2, changed Super-Cache version to 0.8.9. Nothing changed. I still got

    0 Cached Pages
    0 Expired Pages

    0 Cached Pages
    0 Expired Pages

    on 3 different sites on 3 different hosts. 2 shared and one VPS.

    Changed rules to 777 for wp-content, cache folder and everything that could be useful. Nothing changed.

    Did anyone encountered such an issue? Does anyone know what to do?

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  • same problem!
    wp 2.8.4

    Try the dev version on the download page. It has new debug code you can use to log what the plugin does.

    I am having the exact same issue with 2.8.4, any help anyone?

    I set it to “ON” but it automatically goes to “HALF-ON” and shows these stats below:

    Cache Contents

    WP-Cache (0KB)

    * 0 Cached Pages
    * 0 Expired Pages

    Garbage Collection
    Last GC was 43:02 minutes ago
    Next GC in 26:58 minutes

    I have searched the net, read the FAQs, reinstalled it and god knows what else ….

    I really want to use this plugin…

    I installed the development version and it keeps throwing these 4 lines in the cache/log file:

    22:27:48 /teams/ No wp-cache file exists or user agent rejected.
    22:27:48 /teams/ In WP Cache Phase 2
    22:27:48 /teams/ Setting up WordPress actions
    22:27:48 /teams/ not caching POST or non empty GET request.

    22:28:02 /feed No wp-cache file exists or user agent rejected.
    22:28:02 /feed In WP Cache Phase 2
    22:28:02 /feed Setting up WordPress actions
    22:28:02 /feed not caching POST or non empty GET request.

    Anyone, any clues?

    Check that you’ve not got the “GZIP Output” plugin installed.

    After trying to get WP Super Cache working for a few days with no apparent problems that I could see, disabling the GZIP Output plugin solved it instantly for me. As WP Super Cache includes compression anyway, the GZIP Output plugin is no longer required.

    mickscool – are you using proper permalinks or the ?p= format?

    Thanks Nautipuss and donncha,

    Nautipuss – I am not using GZIP output but I am using “PHP Speedy”. I know that “PHP Speedy” and “WP-Super Cache” do not co-exist, so I removed “PHP Speedy” totally but still I was not able to work “WP Super Cache”, and so I had no other options except to revert back to “PHP Speedy” till I get “WP Super Cache” working.

    Donncha – I am using permalinks and I know “WP Super Cache” won’t work if I don’t use permalinks. In addition, you can check my site here :

    Can you please help now?


    Turn off gzip output, as the plugin will gzip cache files and serve the appropriate files. Delete php-speedy completely I guess and give supercache a go again. You could try the dev version (look at the “other versions” page at the end) which has a nice debugging system you should try.



    Hi, I’ve been happily using your plugin for more then half a year now and believe me it was a real keeper!

    After the last update i saw the same thing described buy the other guys in my blog as well. 0 cached pages and tons of expired pages. and the collection times seem to be working strange. no other plugin conflicts.

    also, I checked the “is_archive” and “is_category” to be not cached. when i first go to the pages after logging out and after clearing the browser cache, i see the un-cached category. but 10 minutes later the page looks like it’s been cached again and shows only one month old article.
    Any ideas will be much appreciated.

    infolegal – very odd, can you change your expiry time? Just in case it’s gone wrong somehow.

    You could try the debug settings to investigate what the plugin is doing.



    Sorry for the late reply. Problem still not solved. I’ll try adding the new dev plugin and see how’s that working.



    I’ve set debugging level to 2. I got 30 messages in 2 minutes saying:
    URI rejected. Not Caching

    Disable these emails by commenting out or deleting the line containing $wp_cache_debug_email in wp-content/wp-cache-config.php on your server.

    ok, so now check the “Accepted Filenames & Rejected URIs” section of the admin page, specifically the first textarea, the list of rejected URIs. Mine is:


    but it might also have index\.php

    What does yours have?



    It looks like it has:

    I have removed the index for now, and I’ll let you know if it’s still not working.

    Over night I got a lot of errors (around 900) saying something like this:
    rebuild_or_gc: rename to /home/infolega/public_html/wp-content/cache/supercache/

    I have the “cache rebuild” option checked. Not sure if that is influencing the caching in any wrong way.



    I have done the following:
    – delete the index\.php from the rejected URIs
    – unchecked the Cache rebuild
    – set the expiry time to 310 instead of 300 (this change was done yesterday)

    This morning, after the two changes i still get the following:
    – URI rejected. Not Caching
    – Anonymous user detected. Only creating Supercache file.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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