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  • It hasn’t been working since the previous version. At least for me.

    It was working up until 2.9. Now it doesn’t.

    Anyone got a fix for this? This plugin plays a major role in my site.

    Same here.
    I contacted the author of the plugin.. let’s hope he will help us..

    I have the feeling this has to do with changes done to canonical urls in 2.9

    Hi all,

    thank you dukessa for contacting me and pointing out this thread.

    I found out yesterday that wordpress subdomains isn’t compatible wordpress 2.9.

    I wont go into the reasons but unfortunately i’ve not had any time to work on this project in the last few months.

    Currently there is a dev version in the svn trunk with a lot of bug fixes that I’ve been trying to find the time to test and release for a while.

    I don’t want to leave the users high and dry so i am going to do my best to sort out the wp 2.9 issues over my Christmas break.

    If anyone finds a fix for this before I release one please let me know so i can put it into a proper release.

    sorry for my lack of involvement for the last few months.


    I’ve release 0.6.8. This works in WordPress 2.9.



    Ahhh you’re the maaaan!! 😀

    I think you forgot to update the plugin version in the plugin directory, cos I can see the changelog says 0.6.8 but the front info still says 0.6.6 and if you dont update that no one will see the update notice in their admin panel 😉

    A big thank you and happy new year!!! 😉

    Yep, works for me now! Thanks!

    Blah, spoke too soon.

    I’m having an issue where the subdomain just points to the main site. I have the permalinks set up like this:


    Did a test post & the post lost the subdomain part [ie: it went to instead of However, when I went to edit it, the permalink for the post has the sub.

    When I created the subdomain, I made the document root “public_html” since that’s where WordPress is installed on my site.

    Checked the database & everything is fine there. Options are where they should be & all.

    I did hear that there was an incompatibility with the All in One SEO plugin. Has that been fixed though?

    Version 0.6.9 is released and this time the wordpress plugin page updated correctly to show it. Not sure what went wrong with 0.6.8

    Shaliza I had a look at your site. One thing I noticed was that going to your subdomain redirects to the main site. Not sure what’s going on there. Are you using any other plugins? What hosting management software do you use (cpanel, plesk, etc)?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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