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  • Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions, some really good stuff in there. As a few of you know, I’ve been busy with launching a startup based on WordPress ( ), so I’ve been unavailable while that was being handled. Now that the storm has calmed slightly, I’d like to provide an update on this plugin.

    I’ve gone through all the posts and will confirm roadmap items here:

    – Project or Campaign related Donations (with Donation Targets, i.e. $1000) & progress bar.
    – Option of Fixed amounts (i.e. like a portfolio of products with fixed prices).
    – Recurring Payments (likely with a setup fee at a later stage)
    – Customer Name & Description not being passed to Stripe
    – Make Donation Information Optional
    – Confirmation E-mail

    To confirm some of the things I will not do:

    – Store personal information retrieved from Stripe on the WP install.
    – Create additional tables (everything will continue to be handled by custom post types).

    I will try to release an update in the coming days, so stay tuned!



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  • Hi Noel,

    Thank you so much for your help! That’s awesome news. I look forward to checking out the update.

    Also, congrats on launching the startup!


    Looks like a great road map! Looking forward to seeing it unravel. If you need testers or other help, let me know.

    fabulous .. happy to test!

    John Bunka


    Awesome! Thanks for the update!

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Here’s also an update on the look. Took it out of the regular form, to show it as a modal. This way your own styling won’t break it and vice versa:

    This will be great, thank you!

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I think you are on to something big. The roadmap looks great and I am very excited about recurring payments and the progress bar.

    hi Noel, any news on the plugin update? thanks!

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Hi friends,

    Posted an update which fixes some of the smaller things, but more importantly changes the way it’s displayed (i.e. a modal box). That’s no cause for concern if you’d still like to use the old method (where the form is inside your page). Just use [wp-legacy-stripe] then.

    The good thing about the modal is that it can’t be influenced by your theme at all, so good to go out of the box.



    Hi Noel, I tried updating the plugin and I got this fatal error:

    Warning: include_once(stripe-php/lib/stripe.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/51/8521351/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-stripe/wp-stripe.php on line 20

    Any guidance?

    Thanks so much,

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Looking now! 🙂

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Ah yes, that’s that silly error with older PHP. Will push a fix now.

    Thanks! It works great. Do you know if it’s possible to feature [wp-stripe] in a widget section? I tried downloading a php plugin for widgets, but that didn’t work. Just thought I’d ask.

    Also, I know you’re pretty busy, but do you know when you’ll be able to add the progress bar for project/campaign-related donations?

    I appreciate your help,

    I updated stripe 2 days ago then the panel disappeared and only a button with the word “Donate” shows.
    When the button is clicked the panel appears with only symbols but without the words “Name”, “E-mail”, “Comment”, “Amount”, “Card Number”, and :”CVC Number”.
    I can figure out the symbols but I’m not too sure some would be that clever.
    The website is:
    Thanks and I really like this plugin. I looked a long time for this.

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Hi Yvonne,

    It’s next on my list, coded a bunch of it already. Will need another few weeks.

    Hi Norm,

    That would be the case on older browsers. WP will be dropping things like IE7 that cause this sort of stuff very soon, so just going with the flow. You could probably find a JS script that allows newer CSS/HTML techniques to be used on older browsers.

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