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[Resolved] [Plugin: WP Stripe] Donate Form not showing up

  • I recently downloaded your plugin and I have tried using [wp-stripe] in a page and <?php wp_stripe_form(); ?> in a template and neither seem to work.

    When the form is inserted into a template page (donate.php) nothing shows up. On the other end when I use the short code, and I click on the donate button, the form does not appear.

    I am suspecting that it is a javascript issue.
    the site is still in production.
    Here’s the page.
    Any thoughts?

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  • It was a plugin conflict. WP E Commerce is conflicting with the css styling.. any way around this?

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Getting a page not found, but have you tried using the inline [wp-stripe-legacy] (assuming that the conflict is on a thickbox level)? Cheers

    Yeah, it was a thick box issue. I just removed the thick box css for WP E Commerce and that made [wp-stripe] work (bottom right corner). As far as [wp-stripe-legacy] and <?php wp_stripe_form(); ?> they still don’t seem to work.

    The donate page is back up if you’d like to take another look.

    Also on the form pop up, the name input isn’t being required. Is that just for the testing?

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Oops, sorry! it’s [wp-legacy-stripe] … The absolutely positioned button seems to work well with me though.

    Awesome, [wp-legacy-stripe] worked. Thanks, I suppose I don’t need <?php wp_stripe_form(); ?> anyway.

    Thanks Noel!

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Np, glad it worked!

    Hey Noel,

    Quick question. I am using your recent donation widget, for some reason the email in showing up and I would not like it to, I tried $comment = $custom["wp-stripe-comment"][0];


    <?php echo $comment; ?>

    but no luck.

    any thoughts?
    URL chalkfestival.com

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Sorry about that, have it fixed in the release later today!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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