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  • Recently I notice my post views stats is appearing weird. In the past, the title of the post which are visited will appear on my post view stats, but now, most of the time, it will show as example..

    #129 (title unknown)
    #526 (title unknown)

    with the links linking to the post. Yet strangely, my links are not in the format of or 129, but rather based on for example.

    At times, I will see (deleted) instead, but when clicked on it, it will lead me to my post.

    Just yesterday, I notice my post stats has links showing me to some other blog posts as well.

    Anyone knows what is happening?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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  • same problem

    fatDZ: Sorry about that! I deployed a change to the stats API that should resolve this for you.

    Satish: I don’t know what blog you are reporting about.

    Its SwiftThemes.Com.

    Stats or normal now.

    I’ve been having the same problem since a week or so. It worked fine before that and I haven’t changed anything since then. (

    What seems to be the cause?

    Thanks, Andy! Seems to be working all fine for me now. I will monitor and see. I thought I did something wrong. 🙂


    This is the screenshot:

    When I check dashboard I see (title unknown) for title but when I logon to my self hosted site’s dashboard it looks fine to me.

    But the main issue is the function – stats_get_csv() is all returning title as (title unknown) on our blog.

    Our blog is –

    Please advice ?

    Same problem. My blog is

    Anyone can help me?


    Unknown titles seem to be replaced by post numbers now, still linking to other peoples blogs. Stats are mixed up and broken in several blogs. ;-(

    The funny thing: I think it`s broken only in 3.x versions.

    Yup. I got a deleted post, but when checked against the link, it links to some porn site related. Weird.

    I get this as well – lots of posts displaying as ‘#1234 (deleted)’ which when clicked mostly go to another site, but sometimes my own site.

    This is seriously worrying – if users like fatDZ are getting taken to adult sites when clicking the links, then surely the plug-in should be taken down until it is sorted. You can’t have people arriving at adult sites unwittingly – that’s pretty awful.

    I also get “no title on file”. When I look at the “Top Posts for 7 days ending 2011-03-30 (Summarized)” report I get about 30 of them.

    My first guess would be that it is because I have imported my posts. Could that be the cause? Maby I need to republish them for the title to show up?

    now showing “#895 (loading title)”

    now showing “#895 (loading title)”

    Yep, but wrong domains seem to be properly filtered now. Looks much better than before… 😉

    (@niska: May be I`m wrong but I do not think that importing posts has anything to do with it.)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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