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  • Resolved chrisbitz


    I don’t think Facbook fans and Youtube are workign correctly.

    I have 32 fans on FB, (teegofreya) but the graph only shows one change to 5 fans, and then another to 11, and it hasn’t registered any other changes. I notice it says “trend” is that different to number in some way?

    Also, in my Youtube stats, (chrisbitz) my stats are 75 : 0 : 0 and I’m not sure that’s correct either. shouldn’t one of those figures be my total views across the channel? (It would be great to see a graph of that too!)

    Thanks for a great plugin, I check it daily!

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  • Plugin Author daveligthart


    Did you check if you entered the correct facebook fan page id?

    I’m going to fix the youtube stats and add it to the graph in the next release.

    The address is so I entered teegofreya in the box… is that right?

    thanks again!

    Thanks to the new update, YouTube is now working properly, but Facebook is still broken.


    Plugin Author daveligthart


    Hi Chris,

    For now the facebook stats only work for fan pages! You need to enter you fan page id which is a number.



    hmm, I am talking about a fan page – once you have more than 25 fans, you get a word instead of a number….

    Plugin Author daveligthart


    Try adding your fan page id which is 120279018049876

    to the settings text.

    Plugin Author daveligthart


    You can find your facebook fan page id by going to your photo album page; the id is in the url.

    I’ve changed over to using the facebook fanpage number, and it still says I have 11 fans, when the correct number is 72 now.

    I’ve entered the number 120279018049876 in the box, and is still says 11 fans.

    Just letting you know it’s still not working 🙂

    thanks for the plugin, though, I use it many times a day.

    (ps, in the server checklist, it says “Stats plugin: not installed”, I guess because I’m using Jetpack, but everything else seems to be working, and the Facebook fans page stopped working before I swapped over to jetpack)

    I can confirm that with Jetpack, the plugin doesn’t think I have WP Stats installed. It still gets the blog ID just fine, though.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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