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Would like to use this as a splash screen (2 posts)

  1. saudlin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm really excited to find this plugin. It's almost exactly what I've been looking for. I am happy to make a very nice donation, I just need to know if I can use this to create splash screens?

    I want an image to fill up the entire screen, with a opt-in form I can embed as well. I've been getting problems with the image not going all the way to the top, plus when I come make to make adjustments I keep seeing extra lines added to the code?

    Can you help guide me on how I can accomplish this.

    Thank you!


  2. singletonrock
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I would like to use this as well to run an opt-in javascript widget but it doesn't work. I too have been getting the added lines in my code. Specifically, WSI adds back-slashes in between all quote marks in the code eg;

    <script type=\\\\\\\"text/javascript\\\\\\\" src=\\\\\\\"http://cdn.topspin.net/javascripts/topspin_core.js?aId=11690×tamp=1327253293\\\\\\\"></script><div class=\\\\\\\"topspin-widget topspin-widget-email-for-media\\\\\\\"><object type=\\\\\\\"application/x-shockwave-flash\\\\\\\" width=\\\\\\\"400\\\\\\\" height=\\\\\\\"300\\\\\\\" id=\\\\\\\"TSWidget124630\\\\\\\" data=\\\\\\\"http://cdn.topspin.net/widgets/email2/swf/TSEmailMediaWidget.swf?timestamp=1327253293\\\\\\\" bgColor=\\\\\\\"#000000\\\\\\\"> <param value=\\\\\\\"always\\\\\\\" name=\\\\\\\"allowScriptAccess\\\\\\\" /> <param name=\\\\\\\"allowfullscreen\\\\\\\" value=\\\\\\\"true\\\\\\\" /> <param name=\\\\\\\"quality\\\\\\\" value=\\\\\\\"high\\\\\\\" /> <param name=\\\\\\\"movie\\\\\\\" value=\\\\\\\"http://cdn.topspin.net/widgets/email2/swf/TSEmailMediaWidget.swf?timestamp=1327253293\\\\\\\" /> <param name=\\\\\\\"flashvars\\\\\\\" value=\\\\\\\"widget_id=http://cdn.topspin.net/api/v1/artist/11690/email_for_media/124630?timestamp=1327253293&theme=black&highlightColor=0xFFCC99\\\\\\\" /></object></div>

    If I can get it to work properly, I will be happy to make a donation!

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