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  • This is just an aesthetic comment, but I am the opinion that the plugin options page only needs to be linked once. As there is not a queue for moderation, I doubt I will need to check on it very often. As there is already a link in the “Right Now” section on the dashboard, it would not be needed on wp-admin/index.php.

    My code in add_admin_pages():

    //add_submenu_page("plugins.php","WP-SpamFree","WP-SpamFree",10, __FILE__, array(&$this,"output_existing_menu_sub_admin_page"));
    add_submenu_page("options-general.php","WP-SpamFree","WP-SpamFree",1, __FILE__, array(&$this,"output_existing_menu_sub_admin_page"));
    //add_submenu_page("index.php","WP-SpamFree","WP-SpamFree",1, __FILE__, array(&$this,"output_existing_menu_sub_admin_page"));

    Still spam free, so thank you again for your work on this.

    – Stephen

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  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I added that as a feature in the latest version to make it more accessible, based on requests from users. With the different versions of WordPress, people are used to accessing options via different paths, and some get confused. I may add an option in the admin and let people choose which path is easiest or most familiar.

    You’re welcome! 🙂

    Just released 1.8.9 with just the links on the Plugins page and the Options/Settings page. That should be a good compromise.

    Also, I apologize to all for the Support page being down. There was an electrical fire at the (major) data center where our site’s server is housed, and 9000 servers are offline until they can repair it.

    Whoops, sent you a few emails, hope you’ll get them. If not, let me know when your server is back up and I’ll re-send them.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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