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  • I’m getting trouble with comment posts using WP-SpamFree. There are some commenters saying they can’t make comments because it already exists but doesn’t show it.

    I’ve found these comments at Akismet manager, even with Akismet turned off.

    What’s going on?

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  • That error isn’t related to WP-SpamFree. Please follow the Troubleshooting guidelines and if something doesn’t seem to be working, please submit a support request through the url listed.

    I’m constantly getting complaints from my users that it says cookies and JavaScript aren’t enabled when they are. If they try to comment again, it usually works out of nowhere.

    @rfischmann: There may be a conflict with another plugin. Contact me through the WP-SpamFree support page and we can dialog and try to figure it out.

    [Edit: Same question as above, and resolve?] I have a question, WP-SpamFree has blocked a lot of comments from this latest bot attack I’m having. But when I did a test comment to make sure things can still get through I get a (Please enable javascript and cookies in your browser) message. Is this WP-SpamFree? Are all my users going to have this issue?

    @ewizac: That is a WP-SpamFree error message. As I’ve already mentioned twice in this thread, anyone with tech support issues needs to read the Troubleshooting Directions and contact me through the support form so I can dialog with you to help fix whatever issues you are having. Thank you.

    Just wanted to give you all an update, and help anyone who reads this who might be having similar problems.

    rfischmann and ewizac both contacted me through the WP-SpamFree Support form, and through a little troubleshooting, we were able to figure everything out.

    As I suspected, in both cases there was a conflicting plugin, so WP-SpamFree wasn’t malfunctioning at all.

    The plugins causing the problems were AskApache Password Protect in one case and WP-OpenID in the other. Both of these are coded in such a way that they can hinder the performance of other plugins. For more info, please see the Known Plugin Conflicts list.

    I’ll be looking at how to possibly bridge the conflicts and that includes contacting the plugin authors and letting them know of the conflict. If there are any workarounds I can add to WP-SpamFree, I’ll work on that as well.

    I work hard to make sure that WP-SpamFree doesn’t interfere with the functionality of other plugins. In fact, when other plugin authors have contacted me to let me know of a conflict, I listened, and released fixes within a day. I think other plugin authors need to do that as well.

    If you do end up having a problem with WP-SpamFree, please don’t automatically assume the plugin is broken. I’ve been troubleshooting this for a while now and most of the time, it’s due to improper installation or a conflict with another plugin that isn’t coded well. The first thing to do is go through the Troubleshooting Guide and follow the steps listed there. 99% of the time, it will help you figure out the problem.

    Then, if you still can’t get it working, contact me through the Support Form, and I’ll work with you to figure out the problem.

    The reason I ask everyone to contact me through the support form is so that I can dialog with you to figure out what is causing the problem. I will need to get info about your WP Version, Plugins installed, server setup (including PHP version), etc. Some would prefer not to share this publicly (for security reasons, etc.) so, by contacting me through the proper channel, we can discuss this in private and figure things out quickly – to your benefit.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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