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  • Before I use WordPress 2.6.0 and WP-SpamFree everthing OK I can use ping and trackback but after I upgrade WP-SpamFree to version (and WordPress 2.6.1) I cannot send ping or recieve trackback anymore

    – In Spam Option everything same, no change

    No conflict plugins here , I also try Troubleshooting Guide but still have problem so when I deactivated all plugins I can use Trackback and Ping

    I try deactivated plugin one by one to see which plugin has conflict untill I deactivated all plugin except WP-SpamFree and still cannot use trackback but when I deactivated only WP-SpamFree trackback and ping working now.

    I think the only problem happen when I activate WP-SpamFree, Something mistake? before I use WordPress 2.6.0 and WP-SpamFree everthing work fine but I just upgrade to WP-SpamFree yesturday

    This plugin very nice I love it, It help me to reduce spam and block all spam so no spam can cpme in my database and use my resources same Akismet or others spam plugins

    Thank you

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  • Hi Nadia,

    Most likely this has nothing to do with WP-SpamFree as it doesn’t have any code that affects outgoing pingback functionality. It’s most likely just a WordPress glitch and your pingbacks will probably start working again before too long without you doing anything. I’ve seen this on many WP blogs even before I built WP-SpamFree and on blogs that never had it installed.

    Glad you like the plugin. Hope that answers your question.

    OK Thanks

    I’ll see.

    I have another blog use WP-SpamFree (old version) with WordPress 2.6.1 also cannot send ping or recieve trackback

    Maybe because WordPress 2.6.1 that make problem before I use WP 2.6, it no problem

    I’ve seen it happen on just about every version of WordPress I’ve used from 2.1 on so I really believe it is just a random WordPress glitch.

    I’m having the same problem on my site. I’ve never had any issue with pingbacks until after I started using wp-spamfree. If I deactivate wp-spamfree pingbacks work just fine.

    I’m using wp-spamfree version and WordPress version 2.6.2

    There’s no code in WP-SpamFree that would affect outgoing pingbacks.

    It may be unfortunate timing, but based on a lot of testing, I’m confident it’s not related to the WP-SpamFree.

    Just to let everybody know

    Today WordPress has new version … 2.6.2, I upgrade to latest but problem still here
    I cannot send pingback or recieve trackback after worpdress version 2.6.0

    And I believe you that wp-spanfree plugin doesn’t have any code that affects outgoing pingback functionality

    I just wonder why when I disable this plugin I can use trackback but when I enable it I can’t use..

    Very Confused

    My guess is that wordpress is working properly, as is WP-SpamFree. Isn’t the point of SpamFree to stop spam in comments by using “a dynamic combo of JavaScript and cookies to weed out the humans from spambots.” When you ping your own site you’re basically creating a comment, right? Can WordPress use either JavaScript or cookies?

    My guess is that WordPress is sending out the pingback to our own sites, but WP-SpamFree is blocking it as spam. WP-SF says how many spams it has blocked, is there a log somewhere that gives specifics? This would give us a definitive answer.

    maybe you’re right

    I have two website on same server (same ip)
    1. I can’t send ping or recieve trackback in my own blog (same blog)
    2. I can’t send ping or recieve trackback to another my blog (same server)

    but sometime I test ping from another website that let people go to test trackback, I also cannot recieve, and I test ping to other people’s blog also can’t do that

    the only thing that can tell this story is log file but I only see NUMBER OF SPAM in wordpress admin, no link to log file and I ‘m not sure there’s log file or not? or only have number counting (because in folder wp-content/plugins/wp-spamfree no log file and in database also no log file create from this plugin )

    hey jon and nadia.

    Just a couple quick notes:

    1) There isn’t a log feature yet in the production (distributed) version but we are working on one for version 2.0. There was detailed info up on the plugin page but we had some issues with the site and are working on restoring it. That will be back up soon.

    2) WP-SpamFree isn’t filtering pings from same sites. If they aren’t happening, it means they aren’t being sent, which means an issue with WordPress itself. While the production version of the plugin doesn’t currently have a long, but the development/debug versions of the plugin that we use for testing on all our test sites, does ha have a logging feature that lets us see every single comment submission. This is how we are so confident about accuracy and that WP-SpamFree isn’t interfering with ping process.

    Hang tight for the log feature in v2.0. That will show what I’m talking about.

    While you may feel that the timing coincides, I’m quite confident that the source of the ping issue is not WP-SpamFree.


    Also, nothing regarding pings was changed between versions and so it may have something to do with the upgraded version of WordPress.

    However when I get some time I will investigate the new code in the 2.6 versions of WordPress more in depth to see if they changed functionality.

    Jason Kemp


    WPSpamfree has a setting which can disable both trackbacks and pingbacks

    very easy to find – assume it has already been checked

    Its under
    Spam Options
    # Disable trackbacks.
    (Use if trackback spam is excessive.)

    # Disable pingbacks.
    (Use if pingback spam is excessive. Disadvantage is reduction of communication between blogs.)



    There is definitely something going on here. I have the same problem with nadia and I noticed it when my recent blogposts did not ping to the people I was linking to. I just now did some field testing on a test site and with spamfree off pingbacks are working correctly.

    WebGeek, it might very well be that you don’t have anything blocking these from going out built in but this is still happening, thus I would classify it as a bug.

    Unfortunately this is the kind of thing that is difficult for most people to realise as you can’t know if you were supposed to receive a pingback unless you were expecting it. And you can’t tell if your pingback was received unless you know to doublecheck.

    I also had a similar problem with another spam plugin, bcspambloc which did not allow me to receive trackbacks (getting them out worked fine) and thus I had to disable it.

    Perhaps this is a combo problem with the host as well? I am using Dreamhost, what are you using yourself nadia?

    Personally, as I need something like spamfree for the moment, I will simply have to workaround it by disabling it before posting and then re-enabling it, but I would appreciate if you could take a look. I will gladly give you admin access to my test blog if you want it in order to check yourself.


    As I’ve stated above there is no code in the plugin that can affect the functionality of outgoing pings. You will have that problem with WordPress occasionally with or without the plugin. It’s a glitch I’ve seen for a long time, even with no plugins activated. It’s erratic, and I don’t know what the source of it is, but it isn’t WP-SpamFree.

    If that was the case then why do pingbacks stop working as soon as spamfree is activated and start again when I deactivate it? If it was a random glitch one would assume that it would remain regardless of what I do with spamfree. Unless the glitch happened to appear perfectly synchronized with my spamfree testing which I find a bit impossible.

    The good thing is that I received a pingback so it seems they still come through.

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