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  • 99.9% of the support issues I’ve seen so far are due to not following installation instructions. Installation is fairly simple, but hey, everyone misses something occasionally.

    From time to time someone does find a rare bug that is triggered by a particular combination of things, and I usually can fix those pretty quickly and get a new release out with the fix.

    If you do have a support issue with the plugin, before adding a negative rating or adding a complaint to this page, please be sure that you have followed ALL of the installation instructions, and that you have checked the troubleshooting tips.

    The last step in troubleshooting tips is of special importance:

    • If have checked these, and still can’t quite get it working, please either post a support request in the comments section of the WP-SpamFree release announcement blog post, or send an email to the address listed in the readme file.

    Posting a support request on the WP-SpamFree announcement blog post is the proper channel to go through for support requests. I don’t check check this forum that often, but anything that goes through the URL listed will get answered very quickly.

    Most people who have used this plugin love it, because its super effective. We have done extensive testing, so be assured that if something doesn’t work, it’s most likely due to improper installation.

    By following the proper steps, you will help us focus on the legitimate problems and fix those more quickly, making this a better plugin for everyone. Thank you.

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  • Was very happy with this plugin until the last couple upgrades. All comments now blocked. Had to roll back all the way to 1.3.1 to stop getting error message. I’m running Firefox, with JavaScript and Cookies enabled. I have cleared Cache, Cookies and reloaded page. Have had reports of similar issue with a Safari user.

    Hey kameronmf,

    As noted, please send all support requests through the URL listed above. That way I can dialog with you and diagnose the problem better.

    Just a quick thought: There may be a conflict with another plugin you are using. I’ve had some reports of certain issues with the WP Super Cache compatibility mode and am working on a fix.

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